Archived Project: Ikea Hack = Happy Sewing

Apr 26, 2010


I have taken a break from my LMB blouse which looks to be a tad too small for me and whipped up a couple of quick projects to make myself smile. I have been threatening to cover my Ikea chair to match my ironing board for some time now so I thought it was time I followed through.
I have posted this mostly to inspire others because it is simply a super easy project and everyone should have the choice to say “no” to bad taste ironing board covers and itchy cheap Ikea chair upholstery 🙂 Because I am sure I am not the only one sitting in her knickers sewing and getting itchy thighs! Hehe xx

Material Notes

Ikea fabric, elastic & cord


  • Fabric: Ikea


  • Introduction: I’m afraid I do not have any before pictures but here is the after. Previously my ironing board had a pretty hideous “country table-cloth floral” kind of cover and it was out of cheap light cotton and got ratty & stained pretty quick so it needed a change and what better fabric than Ikea? It’s a good thickness and colour fast so an excellent choice but you could use any other cotton, drill or canvas style material. My chair orignally had a charcoal grey “wool” cover (it was actually probably some awful synthetic), I didn’t mind it except that I am often sewing in my knickers (since I am trying on as I go) and it made my legs itchy so I thought it would be nice to make it match my ironing board cover and since I had some Ikea fabric left over…

  • Making the pattern: To make the pattern for each item I simply cut & wrestled the old covers off and flattened then. Iron them if needed then draw around on some paper to create your pattern. Be sure to add some extra allowance (1.5cm minimum) to make the casing where you will insert the elastic or cord. Cut the pattern out of your desired fabric, place it carefully to get the best of any print. Neaten all edges then create a basic casing by folding over the seam allowance twice and top stitch all around close to the inside folded edge, be sure to leave a gap at one end to insert the elastic or cord.

  • Insert the elastic/cord: My ironing board cover was orginally held on with a cord and I thought it might be better to use elastic but it turned out too thick for elastic so for heavier fabric I would stick with using cord but if you use a lighter weight cotton then elastic is great and means you can easily get your cover off to wash. Insert your elastic or cord through your casing and use a bodkin or large saftey pin to work it all the way around and back out the hole where you started. Place your cover over the ironing board or chair and pull the cord or elastic so that it tightens around the object, work the cord/elastic around so that it gathers the casing evenly. Whan you are happy tie the cord off and trim, or for elastic pin in place then remove cover and stitch the elastic ends in place. If you leave your cord ends long, tie it in a bow and tuck them up inside the cover, this way you can still remove the cover for washing.

  • Tricky Areas: My chair back has a plastic cover that I could not get off so as I gathered my cover I tucked it in under the plastic with a piece of dowel, it looks much neater than the underside but you don’t see that part anyway.

  • That’s it!: And there you go, everyone deserves a beautiful sewing space and it’s not hard to make some little changes like this so get to it, I’d love to see some other ironing board covers & chairs so please post them up 🙂

Creative Commons License
The Curious Kiwi Ikea Hack Tutorial by thecuriouskiwi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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