Archived Project: Itaria-jin Hikaru

Sep 26, 2009


This is my first jacket I have ever made. I have wanted to make the Hikaru ever since I saw Yoshimi’s pink version. I fell in love with it and finally got the nerves up to give it a go. I have not made any alterations to the original pattern except for taking it in a bit more at the waist and I like my jackets long so I added 4cms into the length. I am really proud of it and love it so much I’ve worn it every day since completing it. I think it is the most well finished item I have made so far and has inspired me to try more complex patterns. I encourage anyone to give it a go, jackets aren’t as scary and I thought they would be 🙂 I would have finished this much sooner but got stumped by a lack of nice jacket zippers available here in the shops. My choices were plastic or plastic! That seemed a crime on such beautiful wool but luckily I took my jacket to our last BSC meet for show & tell and Sandra had the perfect zipper in her collection for me, all I had to do was shorten it which was easy peasy.

Material Notes

100% italian wool and printed satin lining, Birch 14mm button covering kit (24 buttons) and separating jacket zipper.


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