Archived Project: Re-vamped Coffee Table becomes Ottoman

Dec 31, 2009


So this is the result of my fiancé and I going furniture shopping and finding nothing we liked. We got a few great ideas and saw a few things we liked but nothing that had everything, right size, built-in storage, a spare seat/foot stool etc…so when we got home we were both sitting down and staring at our crappy 4 year old laminated coffee table that we bought cheaply after just moving to Australia, which we hate and we both had this crazy idea at the exact same time, why don’t we try and modify it to make our own ottoman?! What do we have to loose? So it all goes to hell and we stuff it up, well it was just a cheap coffee table we hated anyway…and here is the result of three days and several trips to the hardware & fabric stores. Not a huge amount of sewing, a lot more staple gunning (which is just as fun!) and some clever math. I am going to re-upholster our dining chairs next to match and add some coordinating cushions to the couches.

Material Notes

Exisitng coffee table, black spray paint, hinges, fabric, staple gun & staples, upholstery thread, spray glue, furniture foam


  • Fabric: Spotlight, Innaloo, WA
  • Foam: Clark Rubber, Morley
  • Hardware: Bunnings Warehouse, Innaloo

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