Archived Project: Stella for next winter

Oct 18, 2009


Well this is my version of the Stella Jacket. I’ve loved this pattern ever since I saw it and finally had a go. Unfortunately I have taken my sweet time and yesterday was a snap reminder that summer is on it’s way, we had about 35 degrees Celsius all weekend, so I thought I better hurry up if I have any chance of wearing it before next winter 🙂

I really love my colour choices, I knew I wanted corduroy and when I saw the satin I took a chance. I think it is quite a sophisticated colour choice for me so hence I have nothing to wear with it yet…but that’ll be fixed soon 😉

I do have a few warnings to add about this pattern for anyone thinking of attempting it: I added 4cm to the overall length of the jacket (I like my jackets long and always find Burda patterns too sort for me) and so I lengthened every pattern piece at the markings. It was only after cutting out my fabric that I realised one piece did not have a lengthen/shorten line marked. This is the rectangle you cut for the overlaps at the front. I did have spare fabric, but I bought that for making another top because I love the print/colours so much and also because these rectangles are cut on the bias they use a lot of fabric up. I ended up adding a little to the end of them since I felt it a waste to re-cut them if no one will notice and you really can’t tell that I did this.
My second gripe is that I cut for a size 42 and while every pattern piece gets slightly larger/wider as you go up the sizes this rectangle piece does not so when it comes to laying them out the overlap gets less and less as you go up each size. I got by, I modified how I laid them out to try and compensate and while it’s worked out fine they do not have nearly as much overlap as they should. I’m lucky I used a satin but it really is on the limit for a size 42 so I would hate to realize this halfway though sewing for a 44 or 46. I recommend cutting your rectangles a tiny bit wider for each size up.

So apart from that I LOVE this jacket and hope we get a few more spring showers so I can wear it out 🙂

Material Notes

Fine-lined corduroy, printed satin lining, 1 x self covering button


  • Main Jacket Fabric: Fabric Gallery, Greenwood, WA
  • Lining Fabric: Beautiful Fabrics WA, Innaloo, WA
  • Pattern: BurdaStyle Stella
  • Photography: My wonderful Fiance, Chris

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