Archived Project: Strawberry JJ

Mar 6, 2010


Here is my second JJ and I LOVE this pattern so much I am wondering how many JJ’s are too many? 🙂

I got this super sweet strawberry and cherry japanese cotton fabric last year while on a work trip to Sydney as one of my typical “I don’t know what I’ll do with it but I HAVE to have this” purchases. In an attempt to use up a bit of my stash in preparation (more like justification) to buy more fabric on my next upcoming work trip to Melbourne in August (where I plan to spend at least half a day in Tesuttis!) I re-discovered this fabric and after my first successful JJ I knew it was destined to become one too.

The only thing still outstanding on this blouse are the sleeve butons, I really really want to find some super sweet strawberry buttons to replace the pink ones that are just temporary so watch this space 😉

Material Notes

100% printed Japanese cotton


  • Fabric: Tesutti’s Sydney, Australia
  • Pattern: BurdaStyle JJ
  • Photography: My Fiance, Chris

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