Archived Project: Victorian Vampire – Halloween 2009

Nov 1, 2009


Halloween isn’t really celebrated much in Australia/New Zealand so I’ve never really dressed for Halloween before or gone Trick-or-Treating. This year however we were invited to a party by friends and you had to dress up. So of course I made my own costume and part of my fiances (which I will upload next). I did a few sketches and decided to be a kind of victorian/gothic vampire since they are so hot right now 🙂 My costume is based on Simplicity pattern 3629 which I downloaded from and I added lace, tulle and ribbon to jazz it up. I really wanted to wear my new shoes so I used a bit of purple to tie them in, and threw on some fishnets to finish it all up. I got some great compliments and we both had a great time.

Material Notes

Black cotton suiting, purple tulle, lace & ribbon, eyelets, invisible zipper.


  • Fabric & Notions: Spotlight, Innaloo, WA
  • Pattern: Simplicity 3629 via

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