Archived Project: White Rabbit Costume

Oct 5, 2009


I’m late, I’m late! This is a costume I whipped up very quickly for an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party. It is based on the Burda WoF dress pattern 102B from 3/2008. I took inspiration from the older white rabbit sketches. I made the dress and the Victorian style ruff collar, and I added the bows to my ears and shoes to complete the look. I really wanted to make white fur leg warmers that laced up at the back and also a tail for my dress but I couldn’t find white fur in stock anywhere for two weeks so I had to give up on those ideas but I think it all turned out OK in the end. I am so glad I made my own costume, apart from really enjoying the creativity of it, there were so many people at the party in the same hired outfit, I felt individual and different and people noticed too 🙂

Material Notes

Red, white and black drill cotton, blue & white satin ribbon, white tulle, invisible zipper.


  • Fabric & Notions: Spotlight, Innaloo, WA
  • Pattern: Burda WOF 3/2008 – Dress 102B
  • Photography: My wonderful Fiance, Chris

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