Archived Project: Winter Laura

Aug 15, 2009


This is my attempt at the Laura dress. I really love this pattern and will definitely make another one day. It’s actually been finished a while but like a lot of other members I had to shorten the straps and I wasn’t looking forward to pulling the bodice apart to re-do them. In the end I simply stitched across them at the correct length, overlocked the edges and hand-stitched them down. Doing it the nicely finished way as per the pattern would have been nice but also would have taken so long and un-done a lot of my hard work, as it is you can’t see and I am happy with the result.

Material Notes

Stretch striped cotton suiting and printed 100% cotton lining with pretty purple buttons


  • Main Dress Fabric: Fabric Gallery, Greenwood, WA
  • Lining Fabric & Buttons: Subiaco Fabric & Embroidery, WA
  • Pattern: BurdaStyle 6000 Laura
  • Photography: My wonderful Fiance, Chris

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