And now for something completely different

I have a problem and I blame my mother (but in a good way)

I remember when learning to sew she had this amazing bag of fabric scraps that she had filled up over the years. We were allowed to make things from it and I used many pieces to create clothes for my Barbie & Cabbage Patch dolls, hand-sewing to begin with and then using her Globe sewing machine when I was old enough to learn. So this bag of scraps represents some really nice early sewing memories for me.

And now, 4 years into some serious sewing of my own I have my own bag of fabric scraps. Actually if we’re being honest I have two. One is a bag for quite small scraps that I cannot bear to throw away and then there is a plastic tub for larger scraps, the kind of size that is still foldable (my definition of what is large enough to keep and where each scrap goes is difficult to explain and it’s a fine line that inside my head makes complete and justifiable sense) I don’t want to come across as sounding like a hoarder, I am anything but (the curious kiwi isn’t just a nerd of sewing, she also specialises in higher levels of organisation) but my scraps of fabric tend to be beautiful pieces leftover from sewing projects that I am very proud of.

Now I have a solution and I have someone to blame this on as well (also in a good way). Member watatoe over at BurdaStyle shares with us the most amazing doll clothes that she makes, her work is truly exquisite and it got me thinking about my fabric scrap bag and those early days of sewing for Barbie…then I got on ebay and it was all downhill from there and I do believe it was all helped along by an approaching birthday. So look who arrived in the post the other day, isn’t she beautiful? I have grand illusions of matching Barbie fashions for each of my new sewing projects made from teeny tiny leftover scraps, and who can blame me with amazing vintage Barbie patterns floating around such as these? You’ll notice she came already clothed, that’s a safeguard against the possibility that I will be terrible at sewing in miniature, either way I can adore her and maybe soon I’ll share some cute Barbie fashions with you as well…