Secret Santa

I wrote an entire post about my amazing Secret Santa gift and do you think I can find it? I don’t know what happened but I suspect it is inside a Word document on my computer at work, so I’ll start again:

But first! My BurdaStyle Blouse was returned to me, yay! I took a few photos on Scarlett, it’s really hard to capture the different chiffon purples and textures and I think Scarlett being super red doesn’t help much 😉 Click on the picture below to see more on BurdaStyle.

If you are interested, here are the other sketches I submitted:






Right, back to the Secret Santa. Now just in case Secret Santa isn’t the universally understood concept that I image it to be, let me first explain. At some work places (and in some large families too!) everyone’s names get put into a hat and then you each draw a name out. The person you draw is who you will buy a Secret Santa gift for. There is usually a price limit set and you are meant to keep a secret who you are buying for. Gifts are generally humorous involving some inside joke and often include chocolate or other sweet to soften any accidental offence.

For example: I pulled R’s name from our hat (actually, that’s a lie, I was last and pulled my own out of the hat so I swapped with J, that’s how came to I know she had me…but everyone worked out who had who eventually anyway, it’s not that difficult when you consider there are only 6 of us), but back to R, he can never find his calculator, so he’s always stealing borrowing someone else’s, if your calculator is missing, go check R’s desk…so I bought R the biggest calculator the internet could find for me, it’s A4 and has a huge display and really large buttons. It looks like this, except that it is blue:

So J was my Secret Santa and she knows that I sew, having a Secret Santa that knows a little bit about you is always a bonus. Also, because I also have most of my eBay/TradeMe purchases sent to work, J knows about my new secret obsession, which is about to become less than secret now that I am telling all of you 😉 I like miniature sewing machines, as in doll house scale. This is mostly because I wish I had room for more real sewing machines, vintage ones and the like, but also because they just so darn cute!!

Ok, so three, plus a box, hardly constitutes an “obsession” but the danger is there, in fact I am already thinking about jumping on eBay now to see what others are out there for a reasonable price.

Anyway, can you believe what J found for my Secret Santa gift?


I am completely and totally in love with it!

Ok, so it doesn’t work, hence her being able to keep to our Secret Santa budget, but I have the list of things that are wrong and it is short and possibly DIY-able but for now I am content for it to grace my sewing room as is.

J also admitted to me she didn’t actually realise how big it was until she went to pick it up 😀

So it’s a Singer, obviously, would anyone care to try and enlighten me with a model number? There are plenty of these (or similar) in NZ, my Mum has one variation, so does my Nana and Mother-in-Law but this one appears to be before they began to stamp model numbers on them. The closest image I can find online is for a 15-91, but I think that might be the treadle model, any ideas? There are plenty of downloadable manuals online but I really need a model number first.

The weather is pretty awful today, after almost a full week of amazing sunshine an ex-tropical cyclone has decided to leave harassing the East Coast of Australia alone and park itself over central New Zealand instead.

Image from MetService New Zealand

So today is most definitely a sewing day, so what’s on the sewing table right now? The Forever (and ever) Jeans, I know, I can scarcely believe it myself.

It’s New Years Eve here, maybe, with a little bit of magic fairy dust, they’ll be finished for 2012!

Edit 16/01/2012: An update on the Singers identity can be found here.


Merry Christmas!

Ok, I am a day late (well for those of you in my part of the globe anyway), it’s boxing day here right now, I hope you all enjoyed a happy Christmas.

Today I indulged in a few of the Boxing Day sales and now I am putting the finishing touches on my third (and final…for now) JJ blouse. I guess I could call it the Boxing Day blouse and I am about to sew on the buttons. That means of course that the button holes are done, my least favourite part (after setting in the sleeves) and I am excited to announce that for the first time I didn’t forget to reset my machine between button holes! Not even once, no unpicking for this little kiwi! So photos hopefully soon and yes, I know I still owe you photos of the 1930s dress, I’ll get to them, promise.

Actually I have a whole pile of things I want to share with you guys including the most awesome Secret Santa gift ever! But first, check out my super cute Christmas Ornament Swap:

I tried to capture it with my camera’s panoramic setting but it’s a bit blurry I know, here are a couple of better shots:

I love it! 🙂 Here is what I sent to Ann:

I used this pomander tutorial from Betz White (check out her cute Fabric Star Ornament Tutorial for this year!) I made two at once, one for me as well 😉 It took a lot longer than I thought it would and I ended up having to carve my polystyrene balls smaller which made a huge mess but it was quite fun to watch my little army of rosettes take over my sewing table.

Also my BurdaStyle book arrived, yay! It came with some other goodies too:

I got to see my blouse in print for the first time:

I took some pics of it on Scarlett before I sent it off (it feels like so long ago!) I’ll dig them out and share them with you tomorrow.

The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook – Member Sketches

I noticed this morning that BurdaStyle have a gallery up of the member’s sketches from the BurdaStyle handbook:

It’s really cool to see everyone else’s sketches, not just for the garment I made but also all the other patterns as well.

Here’s my sketch, I was living in WA at the time and it was probably summer so I was in a beachy mood:

I actually did two sketches, this one and then a more business like one in crisp white with pin-tucks running down the front worn over a dark pencil skirt which I liked as well, when I find it (buried in my computer somewhere) I’ll post it up.

Apparently my finished garment is on page 111 but I don’t have my book yet, they just confirmed my address this week so fingers crossed it arrives as an early Christmas present 😉

I can tell you now that it isn’t pink. I got sent purple fabric instead which I wasn’t super enthusiastic about when it first arrived but in the end it looked good. We got sent thread as well but my thread turned up a day after the courier deadline, also it was orange, hehe, so good thing I didn’t wait and ended up using some from my stash.

11 sleeps to go! 🙂

Preview the BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook

BurdaStyle now have a dedicated BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook page! You can preview the book there and check out all the members who contributed to it…I’m a bit miffed that I’ve been left off the list but I have emailed them about it – I’m guessing it’s from when they made all users with an ‘_’ in their log-on names change them and I got lost somehow…so hopefully my picture pops up soon 🙂

There are also links for where to buy the book in hard copy and as an eBook and eBook owners can enter their codes to download the master patterns in PDF format.

Yesterday I received an email from BurdaStyle asking for my current address so they can send back my garment and a copy of the book in November. I’m taking that as my cue to share photos with you and reveal which garment is mine 😉 Yay! And Phew! For a minute there I thought I’d have to go and buy my own copy of the book.

I’m VERY excited!

Update 20/10/2011: Ohh yay I got added in, thanks team 🙂 and I got a cool little badge on my profile.

First glimpse: The BurdaStyle Sewing Book

I think pointing out which one is mine would be a bit naughty so I’ll hold my tongue and you’ll have to wait, just like me 😉

According to the email I received, “the official U.S. release date for the book is November 1, 2011 (details for international release to come)”

Not sure what I am talking about? Check out these posts.

BurdaStyle Book – Behind the Scenes Scoop

Oh, I love sneak peaks! BurdaStyle are sharing a bit more info about the secret book project. Click through to the article and take a look at the behind the scenes photo album…I swear in photo 7 the black bag with the small circle of purple peaking through the window…that’s got to be mine! If I squint extra hard I can see a french seam and maybe my name on that label…ok, maybe not my name, but that is definitely a french seam, I am convinced. I can hardly wait! 🙂

BurdaStyle Book…the secrets out!

Finally I can share with you a secret that I have been oh so good at keeping. It’s been hard because it is so exciting for me! Do you remember a little while ago BurdaStyle asked for sewers to participate in a top-secret project? Well here it is! I applied and after submitting some sketches I was chosen to be a part of it. I am so happy. I am making a blouse variation and received my fabric last week, it is from Tessuti and is just beautiful. All participants will receive their patterns soon and have less than one month to sew them up and courier them away to New York. I’m a little nervous because I chose a sheer fabric but I am sure it will all go smoothly and I cannot wait to see everyone’s contirbutions…hopefully I get my own book out of it 😉 It is due out in Fall 2011, which in non-American means September 2011…ohh so long to wait! Watch this space…