#FMSphotoaday January & February – Catching up! – Part Three

January 22. Corner: A planter box made of old doors, love all the angles and corner

January 23. Electric: Looking at new lights with my Mum for her house

January 24. Stripes: Hmm, perhaps these are really more like lines…yellow lines (stripes?) designating no parking.

January 25. Landscape: One of the classic Wellington landscape shots – across the harbour to Oriental Parade

January 26. Together: Cute piggy salt and pepper shakers (a gift from my sister) sit together on my kitchen window sil

January 27. Sun: Bye bye sun, see you tomorrow

January 28. Through: A glimpse through the buildings to The Beehive – Executive Wing of the New Zealand Parliament Buildings

January 29. Grow: Tomatoes grown in my garden, so yummy!

January 30. Down: Waiting to board at Wellington Airport, on my way down to Christchurch for the day for work

January 31. Myself: A quick selfie, hehe – love the ocean in front and the glimpse of  green hills behind in the mirror

February 01. Fork: I’m not sure why but we have 4 different types of forks in our cutlery drawer

February 02. Pattern: Looking up at the pattern created by the triangles of this building’s canopy

February 03. Something beginning with ‘e’: Escalator

February 04. Hope: I hope our boys do well this year, go The ‘Canes!

February 05. Something you smelled: An early morning scent selection – I love perfume, it makes me feel grown up

February 06. Soft: Gummy bears…but I swapped their heads, tee hee!

February 07. Your Name: Mello Yello – yum, plus I am limited edition!


#FMSphotoaday January – Catching up! – Part Two

January 08. Something beginning with ‘T’: Triangles

January 09. Paper: A3 paper reams

January 10. One o’clock. Popped home for lunch

January 11. Water: in the big bottle on the cooler unit

January 12. Surprise: Not the good kind…someone didn’t use enough stamps!

January 13. Circle: Elevator buttons

January 14. Something Yellow: Everything yellow that was on my desk at work

January 15. Something ordinary: Eating lunch at work, reading the paper. It’s important to take yourself away from your desk and relax for a little bit

January 16. Two Things: Yum! After work drive and a treat with my hubby!

January 17. Ready: I am ready to go out when I have my keys in hand

Jan 18. Shadow: Yellow traffic light post with shadow seen on my lunchtime wander

January 19. Delicious: Home made birthday cake for someone special

January 20. Something You Saw: The beautiful Wellington Botanic Gardens on my way to meet up with the Wellington Sewing Blogger girls

January 21. What You Do: A site visit for work

#FMSphotoaday December/January – Catching up! – Part One

Believe it or not I am still playing along…I just haven’t posted my photos for ages!

I have finally found all the original files from December/January that Pinterest dissolved, they were buried across a couple of flash drives and some of them I have already put into my blog as part of my posts 😉

You can find the rest of my photoaday posts here.

So! Let’s play catch up shall we?  Then I can get back on track for February sometime soon! 😀

December 21. Tree: The first time we get to put up our tree in our very own house

December 22. Decorations: My 2012 NZ Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap

December 23. Joy is: First Christmas in our very own house (and a new table table cloth!)

December 24. Tradition: Making the Christmas pudding

December 25. Lunchtime: We ate a little late this year so at lunchtime we opened presents, I got a husband!

December 26. Mess: Putting our Christmas holidays to good use (and burning off Christmas lunch) by starting our section clearing.

December 27. How you relax: A walk up Colonial Knob – you can see the South Island in the distance, it looks so close!

December 28. Cold: Freezer cam!

December 29. Hot: The perfect day to go to the beach!

December 30. Something that made you Smile this year: Being back home in NZ, always makes me smile, everyday.

December 31. Self Portrait: Happy New Years Eve!

January 01. Today: Is a beautiful day!

January 02. Something New: NEW fabric for a NEW sewing project for the NEW Year

January 03. Heart: There’s something about those tomatoes!

January 04. The View from Here: Up high in Wellington city

January 05. Movement: A quick flick through a library book

January 06. Mine: My own clothing labels, so I know it’s mine

January 07. Street: and a pretty green car

#FMSphotoaday December – Week Three

I have a big catch up to do for the photoaday challenge. If you are interested I am still participating but I made the mistake of using Pinterest to upload and share my photos. Now it is being a little b*tch and has decided to stop displaying some of my images and seems to randomly change it’s mind which ones every day or so.

Can you tell that I might be mildly annoyed by this? When was the last time I swore, or politely tried to, about something on my blog? That’s right, never.

This breaks my links and leaves blank spaces but if I re-upload them now they will be out of order. This does not satisfy my nerdy neat and tidy tendencies, grrrr! I also left my flash drive with my original images at work over the holidays so I just kind of gave up on the posting side of it until this week.

So, long story short, I have just wasted several minutes uploading and re-linking everything over to the tried-and-true Photobucket Google Photos. Who needs lunch anyway huh? So please excuse me while I post my catch-up weeks over the next few days.

In a more positive spin I am really enjoying the whole challenge and it’s a lot of fun seeing how everyone else interprets the word prompts. I used to be heavily into photography in my younger years and even considered doing formal training to be a photographer. Before the whole Digital- SLR revolution (which is awesome by the way!) I inherited my Dad’s old-school Cosina CT 1 Super when he upgraded to a new (which would now be old) Pentax. I have a modern Canon D-SLR now and taking these photos (usually with my cell phone or small point-and-shoot Sony I keep in my handbag) makes me crave for a day out with my “real” camera…

December 14. Green: New recycling box for our waste printer consumables at work

December 15. Outdoors: Checking in on my tomato plants!

December 16. Something you made: A softie Rudolf for the 2012 NZ Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap

December 17. On the Floor: My new shoes

December 18. Makes You Feel Merry: “Secret Santa” shopping for Hubby – actually they play “Thieving Santa” at his work – this gift was “stolen” 5 times!

December 19. Something Beginning with ‘S’: Site Safe Steel-cap Safety Shoes (ok, boots, sorry, couldn’t resist the alliteration) for site visits

December 20. Weather: Checking out the forecast online

#FMSphotoaday December – Week Two

December 8. Someone You Love: My hubby is a bit camera shy, but I love him xx

December 9. Out + About: At my favourite store that I love to hate but can’t stop visiting – buying some (discounted – yay!) Christmas fabric to make a table cloth

December 10. Under: Under my presser foot – some random Christmas sewing, a new table cloth for my dining table

December 11. Sweet: Some of the sweet sweets I have bought for Christmas Day

December 12. Hat: Hard hats & hi-vis safety vests for site visits

December 13. Lights: We have these really retro lights at work, but retro in a bad way, that I hate…but this photo makes them pretty

I am one image short because Pinterest has decided to delete my last photos info 😦 gah…and I left my flash drive at work 😉 I’ll get it next FMSPhotoaday post…

#FMSphotoaday December – Week One

[Image missing]

December 1. 8 o’ clock: Food shopping bright and early at 8am before the crowds, bliss!

December 2. Peace: A moment of peace and reflection – enjoying lighting up the tree for our first Christmas in our own home

December 3. Something You Held: Just picked up the mail for work from our PO Box

December 4. Black + White: Arriving extra early for work so I can get some drawings finished – using the stairs because it’s faster than the lifts

December 5. Looking Up: Funky feature lights in the lobby of PWC Tower

December 6. From Where You Live/Your Country: My first Christmas card at work – a tree of native NZ birds (Fanitail, Kererū, Pukeko, Little Blue Penguin, Kea, Kiwi, Tui, Black Robin and a Ponga Tree!

December 7. Stars: In a shop window – Star Xmas Tree Cookie Cutter Set, yummy!

#FMSphotoaday Week Four (+2 bonus days)

November 22. Grateful: Some shopping vouchers – always grateful for a little bit of help at Christmas time!

November 23. Black: Everything on my desk that was black

November 24. A Sound you Heard: Can you see him? A beautiful Tui proudly (and noisily) greeting the morning

November 25. Sky: Grumpy afternoon clouds hail a windy (and possibly rainy) night ahead…

November 26. In the Cupboard: Backup drives for work, time to change them over

November 27. Tree: Christmas tree in Midland Park

November 28. Vehicle: Wellington’s famous electric trolley buses have been in operation since 1949 (Not these exact ones! These are the newest additions to the fleet)

November 29. Big: More Wellington sculpture – “Shells” (2002) is by artist Jeff Thomson, cast in concrete using corrugated iron as the mould

November 30. On the Wall: A sad but common site now in Wellington, “Earthquake Prone Building” notices must be displayed if a building is assessed to have a strength less than 34% of a new building and are required to be strengthened or demolished by a certain date, usually 10 – 20 years in the future

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