#FMSphotoaday Week Four (+2 bonus days)

November 22. Grateful: Some shopping vouchers – always grateful for a little bit of help at Christmas time!

November 23. Black: Everything on my desk that was black

November 24. A Sound you Heard: Can you see him? A beautiful Tui proudly (and noisily) greeting the morning

November 25. Sky: Grumpy afternoon clouds hail a windy (and possibly rainy) night ahead…

November 26. In the Cupboard: Backup drives for work, time to change them over

November 27. Tree: Christmas tree in Midland Park

November 28. Vehicle: Wellington’s famous electric trolley buses have been in operation since 1949 (Not these exact ones! These are the newest additions to the fleet)

November 29. Big: More Wellington sculpture – “Shells” (2002) is by artist Jeff Thomson, cast in concrete using corrugated iron as the mould

November 30. On the Wall: A sad but common site now in Wellington, “Earthquake Prone Building” notices must be displayed if a building is assessed to have a strength less than 34% of a new building and are required to be strengthened or demolished by a certain date, usually 10 – 20 years in the future

Check out December Photo-a-Day list here.


#FMSphotoaday Week Three

November 15. In your Bag: Lippy, nail polish, small random things purse, camera, hand sanitiser, business card holder, loose change, access card & keys for work, house keys, purse, personal mobile, work mobile, headphones, memory sticks, notebook and a ‘baggu’ carry bag (because my camera and my phones live in my bag I had to use a bit of a dodgy camera to take this so please excuse the blurryness)

November 16. The View from your Window: From my seat at work, looking a bit grey outside today

November 17. The Last Thing you Bought: Lining fabric, thread & zippers for my next two projects – oh and some cute birdie fabric just because…

November 18. Happened this Weekend: Cooking dinner with my Hubby – his own Beef Stroganoff recipe

November 19. Something Awesome: My first ripe strawberry of the season and it is humongous!

November 20. Work/Play: The same but different!

November 21. What You Wore: Trying to get the washing dry before the rain shows up!

#FMSphotoaday Week Two

November 8. Something you do Everyday: A little bit (or a lot) of sewing – even if it is just 10 minutes of pottering in my room

November 9. Small: I am a little bit obsessed with collecting small scale sewing machines – this is my newest addition…

November 10. Can’t {won’t} live without: My car. Not very “green” but it takes me where I need to go

November 11. Night: Evening view from my lounge across the valley 21:30 (NZDT)

November 12. Drink: Mmmmm Ribena

November 13. Where You Slept

November 14. Man-made: Re-visiting the man-made giant kina (sea urchin) art work Nga Kina by Michel Tuffery in Wellington Harbour – looks like the installation is finished

#FMSphotoaday Week One & an award

November 1. Something beginning with ‘c’: Mmmm COFFEE on my way to work from the gym

November 2. Colour: Choosing fabric for my next sewing project – so pretty!

November 3. Breakfast: A cooked breakfast is a rare weekend treat in our house, yum!

November 4. TV: Watching some strange reality show about artists in the dark, so I could also see the neighbours fireworks out the window

November 5. 5 o’clock: Shutting down my work PC for home time at 5pm

November 6. A Favourite Thing: Wellington Harbour – one of my favourite places! Here workers are installing another new art piece, it is giant kina (sea urchin), Nga Kina by Michel Tuffery

November 7. Reflection: Buildings on The Terrace reflecting in PWC Tower

Now, on to the award: I feel a bit slack for not posting this earlier!

Aaages ago (ok, 20th of October, but the second half of this year has zoomed by so fast it feels like months ago), Melbourne sewing blogger Zoe awarded me The Lovely Blogger Award.

Go Team Sew Australia/New Zealand!

This blog award asks you to pass it on to 15 other bloggers and also share 7 things about yourself.

I have been so slow in posting about this that my favourite blogs were either already on Zoe’s list or have been awarded by subsequent passing ons so I’ll give that part a miss.

I did really enjoy reading everyone else’s random facts about themselves, it’s fun to learn more about our on-line “sewing” friends, we have such a close and helpful community.

So I thought I’d still  share the 7 random facts about myself, because it’ll be fun. Ready?

1. In college (high-school) I wanted to learn to play the saxophone but was convinced by the music teacher to learn the clarinet first. I eventually became 1st clarinet in the school concert band…I never got to learn the saxophone.

2. I love to mountain bike, like proper mountain bike. Single trail, cross country and I don’t mind myself a little bit of downhill. New Zealand has some amazing trails all over both islands. Here in Wellington we are lucky to be a very short drive from both Mt Victoria and Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park, both are awesome! I hope to get up to Rotorua over Christmas break and explore more of the Whakarewarewa forest.

3. There are 20 unfinished blogs in my drafts folder – hmmm, I should really finish some of those!

4. I speak REALLY fast – most people don’t understand me at first and I am always being asked to repeat myself. I inherited it from my father and I concentrate really really hard on slowing down always even though it sounds painfully slow to me inside my head. If I am speaking to you and you are thinking, “gosh, Mel doesn’t speak that fast at all!” then I must be trying really hard!

5. I am quite clumsy, and it gets infinitely worse for just a few days each month, you know what I mean ladies. I get the dropsies and bruise myself all over but if you ask me how I got a certain bruise I won’t remember. Sometimes I just need to slow down, like my speaking, I’m not quiet sure why I am in such a hurry sometimes. Early in our relationship my not-yet-husband asked my why I was so clumsy and he didn’t believe me until we started living together and saw the pattern. Can someone tell me I am not alone with this symptom?

6. Before I started my university degree my hair was so long I could sit on it! It defined me and even people who didn’t really know me knew of me as the girl with the really long hair and I liked it. I probably should have cut it sooner but one day I realised that I was me, I had a personality worth getting to know beyond my ridiculously long hair and I chopped it off over summer break. It was like a clean start and now I get my hair cut all the time. I’m don’t have to be scared to try something new and I can trust my hair dresser. If I don’t like it, well it’ll just grow back!

7. I am obsessed with doll houses. I have a whole folder in my blog reader devoted to modern doll house blogs. I never had one as a child and now I want to make my own one from scratch – 1950s/1960s inspired, a little bit Le Corusier, a little bit Frank Lloyd Wright, maybe a little Bauhaus – Henry Colbert’s doll houses are my main inspiration. I have been doing a little bit of planning and I’ll admit to some 3D modelling in SketchUp 😉

I’m still here…somewhere + #FMSphotoaday

As per the title of this post…just busy dealing with life, as you do – but I am sewing, something I can’t share quite yet…the RNHS rugby jersey is awaiting my locating some white drill for the collar (and also working out how to sew the button placket), also I have fabric for one of the two birthday dress patterns on the short list…I even pre-washed it…and I may have seen fabric for the other one…

… because who am I kidding? I’m going to sew them both up anyway!

Yesterday was the most beautiful day here in Wellington (today too it turns out!) and I just wanted to go to the beach…and then go home and sew dress after dress after dress for summer, haha!

Anyway, back to the fabric: The dress I really want to sew requires more fabric that I usually buy for stashing – around 3.5 meters. So I’ve been wandering the fabric stores for a while, waiting for something to grab me – yesterday I saw this gorgeous sateen cotton in white with a blue zigzag running across the width – just trying to get my head around how it will piece up and gauging how much of a headache lining up zigzags will give me! I forgot to look at the cutting layout last night so if I remember tonight and I can see it working I’ll go buy the pretty fabric tomorrow – the shop is just down the road, my office is dangerously central in Wellington, dangerously fun 😉

In other news I decided to give myself a creative kick and do one of those photo-a-day challenges. I saw it on another Wellington blogger’s site, Modern Vintage Cupcakes. Kat has been playing since mid September and now I am going to play too 🙂

If you think you want to join in too then click the image above to visit Fat Mum Slim and learn a bit more about it.

Here is this month’s list:

November Photo A Day Challenge

I am not going to post my photos everyday to this blog, I will do a weekly round-up instead but if you want to see my photos before then I am posting to my Pinterest account here

EDIT 14.01.2013 – Because Pinterest is being a little b*tch I am posting via Photobucket instead – please use the links to each months album under the photoadaypage at the top of my blog 🙂

(because  I can’t work out that whole instagram thingee and I don’t “tweet” either) so feel free to follow that board, or all my boards, or just some of them…

However, since this is day one, here is day one’s photo:

November 1. Something beginning with ‘c’: Mmmm COFFEE on my way to work from the gym #FMSphotoaday

It was a pretty easy one for me! 😀