#FMSphotoaday Week Four (+2 bonus days)

November 22. Grateful: Some shopping vouchers – always grateful for a little bit of help at Christmas time!

November 23. Black: Everything on my desk that was black

November 24. A Sound you Heard: Can you see him? A beautiful Tui proudly (and noisily) greeting the morning

November 25. Sky: Grumpy afternoon clouds hail a windy (and possibly rainy) night ahead…

November 26. In the Cupboard: Backup drives for work, time to change them over

November 27. Tree: Christmas tree in Midland Park

November 28. Vehicle: Wellington’s famous electric trolley buses have been in operation since 1949 (Not these exact ones! These are the newest additions to the fleet)

November 29. Big: More Wellington sculpture – “Shells” (2002) is by artist Jeff Thomson, cast in concrete using corrugated iron as the mould

November 30. On the Wall: A sad but common site now in Wellington, “Earthquake Prone Building” notices must be displayed if a building is assessed to have a strength less than 34% of a new building and are required to be strengthened or demolished by a certain date, usually 10 – 20 years in the future

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#FMSphotoaday Week Three

November 15. In your Bag: Lippy, nail polish, small random things purse, camera, hand sanitiser, business card holder, loose change, access card & keys for work, house keys, purse, personal mobile, work mobile, headphones, memory sticks, notebook and a ‘baggu’ carry bag (because my camera and my phones live in my bag I had to use a bit of a dodgy camera to take this so please excuse the blurryness)

November 16. The View from your Window: From my seat at work, looking a bit grey outside today

November 17. The Last Thing you Bought: Lining fabric, thread & zippers for my next two projects – oh and some cute birdie fabric just because…

November 18. Happened this Weekend: Cooking dinner with my Hubby – his own Beef Stroganoff recipe

November 19. Something Awesome: My first ripe strawberry of the season and it is humongous!

November 20. Work/Play: The same but different!

November 21. What You Wore: Trying to get the washing dry before the rain shows up!


#FMSphotoaday Week Two

November 8. Something you do Everyday: A little bit (or a lot) of sewing – even if it is just 10 minutes of pottering in my room

November 9. Small: I am a little bit obsessed with collecting small scale sewing machines – this is my newest addition…

November 10. Can’t {won’t} live without: My car. Not very “green” but it takes me where I need to go

November 11. Night: Evening view from my lounge across the valley 21:30 (NZDT)

November 12. Drink: Mmmmm Ribena

November 13. Where You Slept

November 14. Man-made: Re-visiting the man-made giant kina (sea urchin) art work Nga Kina by Michel Tuffery in Wellington Harbour – looks like the installation is finished


#FMSphotoaday Week One

November 1. Something beginning with ‘c’: Mmmm COFFEE on my way to work from the gym

November 2. Colour: Choosing fabric for my next sewing project – so pretty!

November 3. Breakfast: A cooked breakfast is a rare weekend treat in our house, yum!

November 4. TV: Watching some strange reality show about artists in the dark, so I could also see the neighbours fireworks out the window

November 5. 5 o’clock: Shutting down my work PC for home time at 5pm

November 6. A Favourite Thing: Wellington Harbour – one of my favourite places! Here workers are installing another new art piece, it is giant kina (sea urchin), Nga Kina by Michel Tuffery

November 7. Reflection: Buildings on The Terrace reflecting in PWC Tower

I’m still here…somewhere + #FMSphotoaday

As per the title of this post…just busy dealing with life, as you do – but I am sewing, something I can’t share quite yet…the RNHS rugby jersey is awaiting my locating some white drill for the collar (and also working out how to sew the button placket), also I have fabric for one of the two birthday dress patterns on the short list…I even pre-washed it…and I may have seen fabric for the other one…

… because who am I kidding? I’m going to sew them both up anyway!

Yesterday was the most beautiful day here in Wellington (today too it turns out!) and I just wanted to go to the beach…and then go home and sew dress after dress after dress for summer, haha!

Anyway, back to the fabric: The dress I really want to sew requires more fabric that I usually buy for stashing – around 3.5 meters. So I’ve been wandering the fabric stores for a while, waiting for something to grab me – yesterday I saw this gorgeous sateen cotton in white with a blue zigzag running across the width – just trying to get my head around how it will piece up and gauging how much of a headache lining up zigzags will give me! I forgot to look at the cutting layout last night so if I remember tonight and I can see it working I’ll go buy the pretty fabric tomorrow – the shop is just down the road, my office is dangerously central in Wellington, dangerously fun 😉

In other news I decided to give myself a creative kick and do one of those photo-a-day challenges. I saw it on another Wellington blogger’s site, Modern Vintage Cupcakes. Kat has been playing since mid September and now I am going to play too 🙂

If you think you want to join in too then click the image above to visit Fat Mum Slim and learn a bit more about it.

Here is this month’s list:

I am not going to post my photos everyday to this blog, I will do a weekly round-up instead but if you want to see my photos before then I am posting to my Pinterest account here

EDIT 14.01.2013 – Because Pinterest is being a little b*tch I am posting via Photobucket Google Photos instead – please use the links to each months album under the photoadaypage at the top of my blog 🙂

(because  I can’t work out that whole instagram thingee and I don’t “tweet” either) so feel free to follow that board, or all my boards, or just some of them…

However, since this is day one, here is day one’s photo:

November 1. Something beginning with ‘c’: Mmmm COFFEE on my way to work from the gym #FMSphotoaday

It was a pretty easy one for me! 😀