Dear BurdaStyle magazine

Dear BurdaStyle magazine,

I received my April issue today and your accompanying letter informing me that I had only two issues remaining. Thank you for the heads up, I knew our time together was coming to an end. “It’s not too late, but soon it will be” you said, to re-subscribe for a special price of 86.06€.

Your offer is generous, at the current exchange rate that is $177.74 AUD or approximately $9.81 per issue. Since you are $18.00 at the newsagent you tempt me and I have thought long and hard about it.

I hate to tell you that recently, when your issue has arrived, I take a quick look though, then put you straight into my bookcase and I never feel like looking at you again. I admit I have hocked off several of you on eBay, breaking my neat collection which I never imagined I would do.

My pattern love has shifted, now I long for the next issues of Patrones and Manequim, even with their non-English instructions, they excite me, they get me sewing, they show me trendy future fashion and I crave it. I flick through them over and over and they sit out on my cutting table for weeks on end.

You had your chance to win me back but you failed. BurdaStyle magazine, I am sorry, but I must make a stand, our love affair is over. Goodbye my friend.

Melissa xx


There are a couple of items I like in this issue but apart from the dress (which I’m 50/50 for) and the neat idea for a “craft bag” there is nothing I don’t already have a pattern in my stash for and they are not so amazing as to replace those patterns. Here they are:


Manequim 621 Mash-Up

Patrones 299 & 301 Mash-Up

Patrones 299:

Patrones 301:

Manequim 618 & 620 Mash-Up

Just catching up on my mash-ups. They might seem like a bit of a repeat but I like seeing a quick take on my favourites for that issue so even if they are just for me I’ll keep posting them 🙂

My 621 issue arrived yesterday and it is one of the best issues so far, I’ll try and get that up later today or tomorrow along with a new Patrones issue.

Manequim 618:

Manequim 620:

Manequim Mash-Ups 615, 616, 617 & 619

Burda December 2010 Mash-Up

I’m just not feeling it with this month’s Burda. I’m not sure if it is because my sewing brain is elsewhere at the moment and I can’t focus or if there really is so little in this magazine that appeals to me…hrmmm…maybe when I pick it up again nearer to Winter I’ll see a few more but for now here is my sparse looking selection:

Burda December 2010

Patrones 298 Mash-Up

Patrones 298