Calling all Welly sewing/crafty bloggers! Let’s meet – for real – on November 24th for much sewing chatter and fun. Please click through to Kat’s original post for more info and we’ll see you soon! xx

Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Hey there wonderful people! This one’s a post for those of you who live in Wellington (or near enough to Wellington to want to come here for a day).

Juliet, Nikki, Mrs C reckon it’s about time we all meet up and see who the “real” people are behind the blogs. So, we’ve organised a meet up for Saturday 24 November!

There’ll be tea and cake, browsing of sewing type stores, a fabric and patterns swap, and lots of awesome chats with other sewing/craft bloggers.

You know you want to be there! 😉

We’ll be meeting up at 1pm on Saturday 24 November, in a nice central Wellington location.

Want to join us? (Coz we’d love to meet you all!) Send me an email for more details: macska at gmail dot com

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Selfish Seamstressing for beginners: A handy guide (via The Selfish Seamstress)

I love reading the Selfish Seamstress’ blog because I am pretty selfish too when it comes to sewing and Elaine tells me that there is nothing wrong with that at all. It’s more of a time thing for me because I don’t always get much sewing time so if I am sewing for YOU then that is taking away from time when I could be sewing for ME. I do lapse from time to time but this handy guide helps to strengthen my resolve and be a more selfish seamstress. Her posts are always a great laugh, why don’t you check out her blog too, then we can all be more selfish and make more clothes for ourselves.

The Selfish Seamstress loves to read other people’s sewing blogs.  She does this mainly in hopes of finding mentions of herself.  (Secondary reason: So she can steal your ideas.)  Recently she has noticed some bloggers making comments somewhat along the lines of, “I wish I could be more like the Selfish Seamstress!”  How tremendously flattering!  Are they jealous of my long flowing hair?  My remarkable intelligence?  My keen sense of style?  My i … Read More

via The Selfish Seamstress