Rigel Bomber January Round Up and a winner!

It’s time to say goodbye to January and Rigel Bomber month 😦 Thank you to everyone who sewed along with us, we really enjoyed seeing all your fabulous jackets 🙂

Sonja, Kat and I have each picked a winner from the Instagram and Flickr group photos. There were so many amazing bombers it was really hard to choose so before I tell you my pick, I thought I’d share some of the great jackets you all made.

Click on the images for links:

Loving the colour combo of Sonja’s Rigel…check out her blog post to see the fabulous lining too…and also SNOW…JEALOUS! 

Carly made two fabulous Rigels – this one features the perfect fabric combo for the shoulder triangles. Check out her blog post for some great detail photos.

Rose’s Liberty Rigel is a nice twist on floral.

Sandra’s Rigel is covered in dragonflies! 🙂 

One word: Rawr!

Chloe isn’t sure about her quilted Rigel. I think it’s fab so why don’t you go and tell her how much you love it too?

And now….

(drum roll…)

My pick for Rigel Bomber January is…

Katie from Handmade Thread’s Bomb Bomber quilted Rigel! 

I need Katie to take me fabric shopping because I LOVE this print…not content to just let the fabric rock it alone she also quilted it. Great ribbing colour choice too. Check out more gorgeous photos on her blog!

Congrats Katie, Kat will be in touch soon 🙂

Check out Kat and Sonja‘s Rigel round ups on their blogs.

It’s all over now but we had so much fun. A big shout out to Kat and Sonja for dragging me into this, it was the perfect push to finally make the Rigel and take you all along with us.

Have we convinced you to get this pattern into your life? It’s available as PDF download too.

Happy sewing, I’ll leave you with a shot of all the Instagram #rigelbomberjanuary tags 🙂 xx

Instagram Mashup

footer_kiwi with needle1


Happy Rigel Bomber January!*

(*I know it’s February…)

I stitched up my jacket in a black and white polka dot needle cord. It took me a long time to decide what fabric to sew my bomber in, looking through my stash several times and trawling the fabric shops buying fabric…but not for my bomber.

This cord is actually a fairly recent addition to my stash from a pre-Christmas trip to Palmerston North with fellow WSBNer Sandra. We popped into Levana on our way and later we split up while I did some errands. When we met back up Sandra showed me what she’d bought from Morelands, which included the cord, and I decided I needed to go there too. So we went back and I totally copied her by buying the last of the bolt.

I was originally thinking skirt but eventually my ears attuned to the fabric’s whispering, “bomber…jacket…do it”

Your fabric whispers to you too right?


I only had 1.55m, not enough for sleeves, but actually that much polka dot would probably have been too much anyway so I tested out an idea I had for a jacket with ponte arms and bought a black double-knit and then picked out an emerald lining fabric and mint green ribbing. I was channeling a 50s vibe I think…I might need a poodle skirt…

I drafted a lining from the pattern pieces (Kat wrote a great tutorial here) because I felt like this fabric needed it. My only other changes were to add 2cm in length to the sleeves and shorten the neck ribbing approximately 2cm at Kat’s suggestion to prevent a floppy collar.

It stitched up easily, the welt pockets went in like magic and I love my pocket lining choice.

I changed it at the last second when I found a random scrap of printed cotton in my “this is far too small to keep but I can’t bear to throw it away” box. I have no idea where it came from but it was the perfect match to both the ribbing and lining. You normally can’t see it but I know it’s there 🙂

I also used it to embellish my label.

And that’s it!

I’m really proud of this, I think it’s one of the most well made things I’ve ever made.

As my sewing improves I do notice more things I’d change next time. The arms are still just a tad short but not so much that I won’t wear it. It’s quite a different style to what I am used to, I’ve never owned a bomber jacket before and I find myself tugging it down occasionally. That’s just me getting used to it, but I think I’d like to try lengthening the body next time.

I’ve already worn this jacket a lot, it’s fun and casual and a good weight as we transition into autumn.


Pattern – Papercut Rigel Bomber, Size S, variation 1

Lengthed arms 2cm, self-drafted lining, shortened neck ribbing approx 2cm.

Next time I will lengthen the arms an extra 2cm (4cm total) and lengthen the body, maybe 5cm, need to check.

Fabrics – Needle cord for the body, double knit arms, ribbing.

I’d really love to do a glam brocade or sequinned bomber but I think my next version will be a sporty one, unlined, variation 2. I am thinking marl grey with bright coloured shoulder triangles.

Harriet was unimpressed with the lack of attention, and the beeping black thing on the tall metal tree, it was giving her the evil eye…so she is giving it right back 😉


Rigel Bomber Update

January is sneaking away…we’re 1/12th of the way through 2015 already, eek! 🙂

How are your bomber jackets going?

Don’t forget to get them added to our Flickr group page by the end of the month so that we can drool over your sweet jackets AND so we can pick our three favourites.

We chose Flickr because it’s easy to see the details of your makes in the bigger images however we know not everyone has an account or likes Flickr so we’ll also be looking for our favourite makes on Instagram. So, if you prefer, make sure you get your picture on there using #rigelbomberjanuary and you’re still in with a chance 🙂

I’ve been chipping away at my jacket during a busy month, with Harri’s help – it’s such tiring work for her 😉


Rigel Bomber Inspiration

Happy New Year everyone!

I have two makes left from 2014 to post, both need photographing and one is quite old but I’ll get there. I won’t be doing a 2014 roundup this year or making any New Years Resolutions because they’re always the same: sew more, blog more, have fun.

If you want to see what I did make in 2014 it’s all on my wardrobe page, the pretty pictures link to the relevant post.

So it’s January now and that means it’s time for Rigel Bomber Jacket January!

Are you sewing along with Kat, Sonja and myself?

Don’t forget to join our flickr group and share you sweet jackets with us. We will each choose our favourite and those lucky winners will receive a pattern of their choice from Katie at Papercut because she is as awesome as you guys! 🙂

Today I picked up the last bits I need to get started and put everything through the wash, yay. I’ll share my fabric with you in another post soon, today I want to motivate you to join us with some rtw bombers I have been stalking online for inspiration.

I’ve included some pricing (in NZD, the links should show your currency but if not then convert to your preferred here). I know we don’t all sew to save money, I certainly don’t, although I do sometimes add things up it’s not my main motivation. Still, I picked up 1.5m of my shell fabric for $11.99/m…some of the numbers after these dollar signs are worth a look, don’t spill your coffee…

First up, some colour!

2nd Day Tiplie Bomber Jacket in Print from AsosNZD$468.72 on sale for $204.15 – A bargain right?! 😉 Actually I really like the quilting and black contrast. That skirt could totally be a black Hollyburn with a slinky SJ Tee.

Bella Brush Stroke Print Contrast Sleeve Bomber from Boohoo.com, NZD$30.00 – This fabric is gorgeous, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this print in a cotton sateen somewhere and I like the contrast sleeve as relief. Pair it with another SJ Tee in light marl grey t-shirting with your leather Chataigne shorts.

Monki Cropped Bomber In Print from AsosNZD$83.33 – The patchwork look is cute with the modern prints. Chuck it on over you Pneuma top and Anima pants on the way to the gym perhaps?

And now some more colour, because colour is my favourite…colour:

Tolani Romina Bomber from Revolve, NZD$221.93

Taliah Blurred Print Bomber Jacket from Boohoo.com, NZD$45.00 now NZD$25.00

Clover Canyon Byzantine Scarf Neoprene Bomber Jacket from Revolve, NZD$493.89 now NZD$296.33 – All the Clover Canyon prints are fabulous, I need this fabric in my stash!

All these bombers will go great over you Ginger jeans or Peter and the Wolf pants!

Now for something a bit more glam…

ASOS Sequin Bomber Jacket, NZD$59.58 now NZD$21.12 – Really? Only $21? I am suspicious…but I also love that deep red sparkle…with another Hollyburn but this time in leather with added studs…an excuse to sew with a hammer, what’s not to love?

Eight Sixty Bomber Jacket from Revolve, $112.89 I want to make this, don’t you?

Bomber Jacket by Sister Jane from Top Shop, NZD$129.30 now NZD$69.60 If it’s all a bit too much then how about just the arms in sequins?

Perhaps you’d prefer something a bit more sporty?

Oasis Quilted Leather Look Bomber Jacket from Asos, NZD$124.99 now NZD$75.00 I really like the stitching at the shoulder, nice detailing.

Fred Perry Tennis Bomber Jacket from Urban Outfitters, NZD$550.30 now NZD$385.20

Without Walls Black Zip Bomber Jacket from Urban Outfitters, NZD$127.20 now NZD$89.00 A lighter weight fabric with contrast bottom is really nice. Love the thumb slots but I’m not sure what you’d put in those boob pockets…yeah.

I’ll leave you with something a bit weird…different…and cats 🙂

findersKEEPERS Santa Monica Check Bomber from Shopbop, NZD$255.98 This is no good for Wellington but an interesting idea…maybe in a Broderie anglaise?

This awesome kitty bomber from MadeMeNZ$360.80, is no longer available but I’ve seen a duvet cover in the kiddies section at Spotlight, hmmm…

Givenchy Bomber jacket with silk-satin panels in black lace from Net-a-porter, NZD$3332.30 Yep, that’s 3000 dollars…I dare someone to make a lace bomber this month, go on, for me?

We’re looking forward to seeing your fabric choices, share them with us on IG or twitter using our hashtag #rigelbomberjanuary 😀