Elna 2130

Elna 2130 – “First!”

Status: 100% operational

Year of Manufacture: 2003
Acquired: 08 December 2003

Weight: 6kgs
Cost: Purchased brand new – NZD$495.00

I purchased my Elna 2130, the first machine all of my very own, in Wellington, as a present/reward to myself after completing my 4-year university degree.

This is still my everyday machine and for an all plastic, modern machine you might be surprised to learn that I have never had her serviced, not once. I put this down mostly to quality, maybe a little bit of luck, but also to the fact that, as with all my machines, I maintain her myself with regular cleaning and oiling.

She survived a trip across the Tasman in a suitcase and back again inside a shipping container and still sews perfectly. She’s has never let me down once!

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