Magazine Subscriptions

A lot of you are curious about how I subscribe to the sewing magazines, it’s not really a secret so I’ll tell you…

But first – Some things to keep in mind:

  • The prices I quote below were current as of writing this (September 2010 unless otherwise noted) for ‘International’ or ‘Australia/New Zealand’ 12 month subscriptions, you should send an email requesting a price for delivery to your country or read the website link before committing to a subscription.
  • I pay for all my subscriptions by credit card though the online form or via email and have had no problems security wise or other thus far. I find the small currency conversion fee charged to my card by my bank (if at all) much cheaper and less difficult than any other payment option (i.e. bank account transfer).
  • Often emails take a couple of days to get a response so be patient, I think this is partly a time zone thing and also a language thing but I have always received a response and some of the reply emails are so delightfully polite it’ll give you a smile.
  • Some of these subscriptions assume you will continue on after the 12 months are up unless you let them know otherwise. So if you want to finish your subscription after 12 months it would be best to keep an eye on your calendar and let them know. Initially Patrones sent me a letter (in Spanish) explaining that unless I communicate otherwise my 12 month subscription will roll over automatically, I would guess this is the norm with all of them. SIcne then I have received communication for renewal via email and asking to confirm my credit card details are still current.
  • You can find size charts for these magazines here.

Please do not ask to borrow any of my past issues of these magazines. I will not lend or post them to you or exchange them for other magazines/patterns and I will not sell them to you. I will also not trace or copy any patterns for free or for any sort of payment/trade. If you want one of these magazines I suggest you pay for a subscription or keep watch on eBay/TradeMe to see if one you like turns up.
Thank you.

Let’s begin:


On the Burda German site you can subscribe using the form found here, but it is much easier to just send an email to this address: be sure to specify you want the English version.

12-month Subscription: €71.04 (approx. AUD $98.36, or $8.19 per issue, that’s much better than the $16.00+ you pay per issue from Boarders.)

Update: You can now subscribe through this link on the site although I haven’t subscribed this way personally.

Boarders is still not a bad option if you just want to buy single issues, you can find them in the Foreign Language Magazine Section, even though they are in English, and I have also seen the ‘Plus’ issues there too. Since I ahve moved to NZ I have found some Whitcoulls  stores also stock them, about $13/issue. See the bottom of this page for anther magazine store in Wellington that also stocks BurdaStyle & BurdaStyle Plus.

See what you get inside a typical Burda magazine here.


La Mia Boutique

I originally subscribed to this magazine though Magazine Café (see below) and when my 6 month subscription finished I investigated a cheaper option but I haven’t yet subscribed this way. This is the website I was directed to when I emailed the publisher direct.  Click on the shopping trolley and follow your nose, you may need a bit of help from Google Translate.

12-month Subscription: €115.00 (approx. AUD $159.24 or $13.27 per issue)

If you just want a 6 month subscription (to test how you like the magazine, like what I did) you can also subscribe through Magazine Café. After I subscribed I read a few not very good comments about the website which got me a bit worried but perhaps they have sorted themselves out now because I didn’t have any problems and received all 6 magazines that I paid for. Jump on their website here.

12-month Subscription: ₤152.00 (approx. AUD $251.22 or $20.94 per issue)
6-month Subscription: ₤76.00 (approx. AUD $125.63 or $20.94 per issue)
As you see it’s not the cheapest option.

See what you get inside a typical La Mia Boutique magazine and read my reviews here.



Email RBA Edipresse direct at this address:

12-month Subscription: €80.00 (approx. AUD $110.78, or $9.23 per issue)

See what you get inside a typical Patrones magazine and read my reviews here.

Update January 2013: My renewal notice arrived this month, the price has increased to €100.00 and I have decided to stop the subscription at this time....


I have just paid for this subscription and have received confirmation via email that I will receive my first issue in approximately 2 months time. Email this address:

12-month Subscription: USD $135.18 (approx. AUD $144.38, or $12.03 per issue)

Update: I have since received several issues of Manequim, excellent delivery (sometimes held up by volcanoes) and the content is exceptional. See what you get inside a typical Patrones magazine and read my review here.

Update September 2011: My first renewal notice came today and the renewal price was just USD$99.94 or about NZD$120/NZD$10 per magazine

Update October 2012: I paid for another renewal this month, USD$95.00

Update February 2016: After a short break in my subscription (due to difficulties with their online payment system and exasberated by me having to cancel and renew my credit card twice) I have renewed my subscription for USD$64.61 or about NZD$98.00/NZD$8.00 per magazine

Another way to get your hands on single issues of any of the above magazines is to search ebay and make sure you include the option to search ‘international sellers’, you never know, you might get lucky.

If you are in Wellington, check out Magnetix.


Last page update: 14 May 2013

10 thoughts on “Magazine Subscriptions

  1. Cześć! Bardzo bym chciała zaprenumerować magazyn Patrones , w Polsce jest to niemożliwe , może jest ktoś kto i może pomóc w tej sprawie Pozdrawiam 🙂

    • Hi Monia, I am sorry I do not understand Polish but I used Google Translate to help me translate your comment. Thank you so much for leaving a comment and I happy to have so many international readers 🙂 xx You can try to email: to ask how much a subscription for 1 year posting to Poland would cost. I have found them very helpful and hopefully they can get back to you quickly. Best of luck xx

  2. Where are these magazines manequim in 2012, scanned. In our in Romania, especially not these magazines patterns and instructions. Can you help me with an answer? Thank you.

  3. Hello,
    I like your blog so much, I love sew too. I can’t stop to think about a dress in Patrones Joven nº289 (the purple dress in casual style), but i am not interested in the rest of magasine for this reason I don’t Know if I can buy this or The Torii Tunic
    Can you say me if is a simple dress? Do you think that is difficult? I want this dress for 31 Decembre.
    Thanks a lot,

    • Hi Maria,
      I’m glad you like my blog, thanks for reading 🙂 I love that purple dress too, I think that after doing all the pleating, which might be a bit tricky, it is quite a simple dress, you can only learn by giving it a try so best of luck xx

  4. Thankyou so much Melissa! I did think the La Mia Boutique designs to be quite different, edgy and beautiful, and quite something else from the often rather shapeless and slightly boring options available from the big 4… except for Vogue, which is unfortunately SO expensive… I’ll give this a try!

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