Singer 201K-3


Singer 201K-3 – from “Santa”

Status: Re-homed

Year of Manufacture: 1954
Acquired: 19 December 2011
Cost: N/A

The machine that started it all.

I have since re-homed this machine and can report that she now runs and is used as the new owners main machine.

Another 201 will come into my life eventually, one that has more personal value to me and I will introduce her when the time comes.

Posts/updates about this machine:

  • The origins of my vintage collection and how I originally acquired this particular machine – Secret Santa.
  • Learn about some great sites for dating machines here: Quick Update on the Singer’s Identity.
  • I gifted this machine to it’s new home in 2013 – the new owner had the plug rewired and replaced the belt. It runs beautifully and is used regularly.

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