There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of OCD

On Saturday I did two very important things:

Firstly I voted. New Zealand is holding it’s General Election and a Referendum on our Voting System so I went and had my say.

Secondly, I cleaned both my sewing machines…and my sewing room

Evidence of sewing

I quite like cleaning my sewing machines, there’s something so satisfying about seeing them, in all their whiteness, fluff free, freshly oiled and running silently ready for the next project.

Big satisfied sigh, all is right in my little world.

Naked Elna 2130

I am quite convinced that my lovingly obsessive cleaning and oiling is what has kept my Elna running just like the day I bought her, and she celebrates her 8th birthday this December (I just went and got the receipt, yes, I still have it!) without a single visit to Mr Expensive Repair Man.

Purple fluff EVERYWHERE!

The Bernina (who turns three next March, wow time flies) still has quite a way to go to prove her reliability as the Elna sits in the corner glowing with pride. I suspect, being much more complicated, that she will need a visit one day soon, but we shall see.

It’s fess up time: Do you make a habit to clean and oil your machine(s) regularly? Or do you wait until they start to clunk? Am I the only slightly obsessive seamstress out there? 😉

Spring cleaning in summer

It doesn’t feel like I’ve done much sewing these last two weeks and that’s because I haven’t. I did do some “prep” work this weekend which makes me feel a little bit less lazy.

First of all I reset Scarlett to my true measurements. I had to wind her dials down to get my wedding dress off since she doesn’t have collapsible shoulders or the ability to wriggle like I do in real-life. Hence the finished dress wouldn’t come off of her without some instant weight loss in the bust area 😉

I tidied my sewing room, but that’s nothing special, I am constantly tidying my sewing room, it’s not that I am messy, it’s more that I am neat, if that makes any sense.

Both my machines got a long overdue service. First I pulled apart what I could and vacuumed/brushed all the wedding dress fluff out of them, and then it was new oil and new needles for them both. After I changed the needle on my overlocker (I am only running three-thread at the moment with the right-hand needle) I discovered that the auto-threader didn’t want to work anymore. So I dug the old needle out of the bin and put it back in, sure enough, the auto-threader worked so I swapped needles again and even grabbed a second new one but none of them worked with the auto threader…then I noticed that the old needle seemed to go in a tiny bit further that the new ones, it took me a bit but eventually I tried loosening the left needle screw and the new needle slid up that extra millimeter and whallah! The auto-threader worked, phew! Now both machines are threaded with black, awaiting the next project.


Speaking of next projects, I pulled out three of them, from my UFO pile you’ll be pleased to note. They are the black Kasia skirt (free pattern alert!) I am remaking from a gabardine (50% complete) and a new blouse from some Italian silk I go for a steal at the Joveeba sale ages ago (it is completely cut out but that’s all). It’s a Patrones pattern and will go nice with the Kasia skirt and a few other items in my wardrobe. I also pulled out my grey Kasia, it needs taking in and has been out of my wardrobe rotation far too long (that means some unpicking, yay).

Kasia in progress

Patrones/Joveeba blouse

As for the rest of my UFO pile: My Jeans are currently on hold for about a month, along with my trench coat (that can wait until Winter), it’s just too darn hot! And I want to get these three other items finished quick so I can move onto something new, maybe from a Manequim magazine. I am desperate for some new me-made summer clothing.