A little reminiscing

I thought I’d share with you something quite special to me. This is my Mum’s sewing machine, it’s a Globe Cub 3.

Globe Cub 3

This is the machine on which I learnt to sew at a very young age and continued to sew with until I bought my Elna.

All tucked away

My Mum has had this little baby for quite some time. Its body is all metal and very heavy and she still has the original foot and instruction booklet.

Check out its awesome carrying case and I haven’t even mentioned the retro orange and cream colour scheme yet!

So retro, doesn’t it make you smile?

Still in perfect working order with all the accessories I’ve made her promise me she’ll never part with it. I know it’s not the oldest machine and it’s got nothing on my trusty Elna but I’ll always have a place in my sewing heart for it.

Notice the lack of free arm? But you get a little fold out shelf

Thank you for permitting me a little nostalgia, back to your own machines now, off you go 🙂