March in Photos

I enjoyed the photoaday challenge the last few months but just recently I just haven’t been able to keep up. A week or two a go I decided to raise the white flag.

Work and personal life has been really busy for me this last month. I am struggling to write regular blog posts and even get my little bit of evening sewing time in after work. I’ve fallen further and further behind and then I realised that it’s silly stressing over something that is voluntary and meant to be just fun.

I did really enjoy the challenge of taking photos everyday, finding something interesting and taking it in an interesting way. Looking back through them each week for my post was exciting too, I’d forget what I had taken and surprise myself.

My new  habit of taking more photos regularly of what I am up to, even of small every-day-kind-of-things has been fun. I don’t want to stop so I am stealing an idea I saw on another blog and will be wrapping up each month in photos instead. Just a few random ones, during busy months there will be more and in quieter months there will be less but it’s fun to look through my phone and camera and remember what I got up too. Most will be sewing related (sneak peaks) with other fun things thrown in as well, like my gardening, shoe purchases and just random stuff I see in my travels.

Here is my first attempt – March:

MiP_March 2013

on a plane to Christchurch ♥ sculpture  new shoes

preparing tomatoes for oven “sun-drying”  mango pudding  crazy big cat fabric

relaxing  pre-washing fabric  the perfect buttons

running out of thread  working on a new dress  a satisfying pile of pre-cut pieces

(I’m still here) BurdaStyle March 2012

Oh hai *waves

I’m still here, just chilling and counting down the days until super-amazing-sewing-room-move-in-day…hehe

I picked up the March BurdaStyle a couple of weeks a go but I haven’t had a chance to scan it until today.

Just like with February I purchased March purely for one dress but there are a couple of other pieces I like too. Let’s start with the dress, I’m sure you’ve already guessed which one:

I saw a pattern very similar to this in one of my foreign sewing magazines aaaages ago and loved it but it wasn’t in my size and I wasn’t game enough to try resizing it, plus the instructions we incomprehensible so it went in the too hard basket.

Also in this issue I like this twist front skirt and the casual top and shorts next to it.

Two great jackets are next. Love the upstand collar and zipper on the blue jacket below and I’ve seen some amazing Chanel inspired versions all over the web of the pink one too.

This month also includes a wedding section. It looks like Burda have had a go at Pippa’s dress, a little slow on the uptake perhaps and not as good as the Style Arc version for sure but still quite an elegant dress.

I also like this wrap top and the second version of jacket 115 but this model FREAKS me out, especially on the right, I’m not sure what it is about her but am I the only one expecting her head to turn a full 360 degrees and smile back at me?!

The DIY Trend section is cute, I think those birds would look great graduating from bigger to smaller up the side of the dress as they “flew away”.

There are still a couple of lazy drafted items in this issue, reminding me not to give in and re-subscribe for another whole year.

This one in the wedding dress section (on the right) is particularly bad, they even admit in the description that you need invisible snaps at the back to “control the fullness”. I think what really happened is that they realised how terrible it looked at the photo shoot and tried to save it with those snaps. The close up photo does not help. Seriously, would you wear this to your wedding?

At first I thought they just tried to sneak it past me by presenting it along side the wedding version of my favourited twist front dress  but then I spotted the pink broderie anglaise version. I guess at least in cotton is drapes slightly better. I do like the overlay of the dress beside it but again, another oversized, shapeless sack.

And that’s it… I have a Manequim magazine to scan next so until then, happy sewing xx

Pinterest…again…and Patrones 314 (March 2012)

To quote my good sewing friend Sarah, “Mwhahahahaha!”, I can hear her from all the way over in Perth.

Yes, I have caved in and re-signed up for Pinterest, if you are interested you can follow me by clicking on the button below. You can choose to just follow the boards you are interested in, ‘thecuriouskiwi’ or individual magazine boards, but I also have sewing inspiration and the obligatory shoes and jewellery boards 😉

I’ll try to keep it up to date as an easy way to grab my tutorials, magazine reviews (and maybe projects) etc…I can’t have people pining me and not be able to pin back! 😉

Moving right along: Guess what? I actually did some sewing on the weekend.

I know!

It all started with a 1 hour power tidy-up on Saturday morning and then, late on Sunday, I realised that I had somehow managed to finish my vest (including a trip to The Fabric Warehouse for buttons and thread, where I may have also accidentally bought this $5 remnant which is gorgeous) and cut and stitched up a new top to 80% completion. I’m still as stressed as ever but I actually do feel better for having done some real sewing.

Score! Scarlett models a $5.00 remnant

The weather this weekend is supposed to be awful but I’ll attempt to catch up on my photos. For now here’s a couple of sneak peaks:

Right, Patrones, 314, let’s get on with it:

I really like these H & M skorts/shorts(?) and would be a great first shorts project for anyone. They look really comfy and loungy. The blouse is great too (ohh the fabric!) and I love the little ties on the sleeves, also great seaming.

The cute romper with shirring is also in a really nice fabric and would be a great “my first romper” project. They even promise that it’s easy with the return of the “Costura Fácil” badge.

I like the white detailing on this jacket and the wide legs pants look like a good staple pattern.

I’m not overly fussed by these two patterns (above) but I love the fabrics. Actually #13 is quite a cute dress but mostly I love the ombre style dye at the bottom, could be easy to re-create. The jacket fabric I. HAVE. TO. FIND. So gorgeous and it makes me look a new at my stash since I probably wouldn’t have considered this kind of print for a jacket.

These tops are both cute, ruffles and stripes.

This top has a really interesting detail at the front, a sort of pleat with tie/flap thing, another great fabric print and staple pencil skirt, they look great together.

At first I thought the line drawing of this ruffle dress was all a bit much but with a belt I quite like it, it lies much more flat. On the right, another romper, I do quite like the front detail, I think it’s fine pleats or could be pin-tucks.

There is a blouse section in the centre of this issue, nothing really grabbed me but I do like the detail on this one, little loops down the front placket.

In the plus section I think this jacket is just great, a bit safari and really nice detail plus a pleated trouser…

…and another great outfit. I’ve been meaning to try this pleating technique for a while, I first saw it in The Art of Manipulating Fabric, which I bought a little while ago. You basically make the pleats then stitch across to fix them folded over in opposite directions.

Jacquie picked a few different pieces in her review, you can check it out here.

Next month is the Summer Special and the translation of the text above was all over the show but I do spy the word “denim” and more excitingly “pin-up”, “hawaiano” and “charleston”. Can anyone do better than that? 😉

Manequim 634 (March 2012)

Sigh…I’ve had a super crappy week but pretty patterns cheer me up, let’s review:

Ohh shoes! Shoes make me happy too, these are so pretty in all their clompy goodness. It’s a shame all the shoes I can buy right now are for winter. I hope I can find some puppies like these in the shops next summer.

And this month we also get another pretty online crochet pattern (link) and it looks like the plus pattern page is going to be a regular now. I think the neckline of this top is quite nice, a combination of shirt collar and cowl neck.

 Our cover model this month is Fernanda Souza, a Brazilian model and actress who is clearly a fan of pink. I really like the dress on the left which is a style I’ve seen before but this pattern manages to still show off a really nice feminine silhouette while being floaty and layered.

Our designer section is Tommy Hilfiger and I have to say that I am a bit disappointed that the number of patterns in this section seems to be shrinking. This month we only get three and while I LOVE this dress and it looks great with the blazer (we also get a jean pant pattern shown in a blue and white stripe that had an unfortunate pattern joining in the crotch that I didn’t scan) there was also an amazing top and skirt that I wished they’d produced a pattern for.

FYI the dress, if you bought it, is R$780 (about NZD$520) and the blazer R$404 (about NZD$270)

The “Democratic Fashion” (?) section has some pretty and light tops and I really like this dress with all the buttons and tabs on the neckline.

I love a good wide leg pant and the fabric of her blouse is amazing too!

Don’t let the line drawing of this first dress in the “Time to Shine” section fool you, those are not several long pleats or darts as I first thought, it’s just representing the lace. I like the strappy neckline, it ties at the back of the neck in a bow.

It’s hard to see the detail of this dress in the black fabric, you’ll have to take my word, when I stare really closely at the magazine page it looks pretty hot. I’ve scanned it several times to try to get the detail to show up but it was Photoshop ultimately that saved the day (click on the thumbnail on the left to view bigger). It looks absolutely awful colour-wise but you can at least see the pleats, waistband and overlapping front.

Finishing up with another tie-front blouse in a great print and next months preview, ohh, Marc Jacobs!