Sewing as Art – Architectural Fabric Art Installation

Today I am home, on the couch, with a big warm blanket, a hot water bottle on my chest and trying not to cough myself inside out. It is day four of my annoying cold and the weather outside is reflective of how I feel: 100% awful.

The highlight of my morning was finding crumpets in the freezer and to cheer myself up I ate them with some of my carefully rationed Marmite.

I am not a complete Marmite addict, I only eat it occasionally but still, I wish I’d bought a bigger jar.

Yeast Spreads are funny things. You either love them or the complete opposite.  I took some jars on a trip to Japan and my host family wouldn’t touch the stuff, they couldn’t understand why we wanted to eat it.

In our house the love is divided. Husband was bought up with Vegemite in the fridge and your loyalty, it seems, is firmly imprinted during early childhood. Mmmm cheese and Marmite/Vegemite sandwiches!

Well that just means I don’t have to share my small and fast dwindling jar of black gold.

One each, no sharing

Here is a poll just for fun:

I am terrible at being sick. I know I should rest and I have no intention of leaving my cosy spot on the couch but I get so bored. Thank goodness for laptops and remote controls 🙂

Anyway, I thought I would share some sewing/design coolness that I saw a little while ago online:

This image is from Home Within Home, an architectural fabric installation by Korean artist Do Ho Suh at the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea.

I think it’s pretty awesome and you can see more images here, enjoy!