The rule of three: Pattern Pyramids & a Blog-o-versary (+ bonus giveaway!)

Last month I received my third Pattern Pyramid, this one all the way from Canada via Gjeometry and boy, did it take it’s time!

Posted on February 19th it didn’t finally turn up on my door step until May 2nd!

Check out Catja’s super cute (and very athletic) kitty choosing the winner. I am inspired to convince Harri into helping with my PP giveaway. Paper is one of Harri’s favourite toys right at the moment ss evidenced by the piece of paper I left alone on the couch last night which is now sporting some new tiny teeth holes!

So you all should know the drill by now, here is what is up for grabs:

I am keeping the Butterick wrap dress because I have a soft spot for wrap/reversible/infinity style clothing.

It joins these three in my pattern collection:

Here are your rules:

  • Anyone, anywhere in the world, can enter by leaving a comment on this post by midnight NZDT (UTC/GMT +12 hours) on Friday 31st May (which really means when I get up Saturday morning!) but you must have an active blog.
  • I will randomly select one winner and post them the collection of 6 patterns.
  • That person will then pick one pattern to keep for themselves, then host their own give-away. They will randomly select a winner to post the remaining patterns to.
  • And so it goes on until there is a last pattern winner…you get the idea.
  • Some people like to replace the pattern they are taking with another from their stash, this keeps the pyramid going longer, but is not compulsory. I am not adding this time around but I do have another giveaway to share below.

So comment below to be in the draw and tell me which pattern you would keep out of the selection above. Then pop over to Gjeometry’s blog, she just received one of the original Wellington Pattern Pyramids!

Now, apparently it’s that time of year again, it always sneaks up on me! It’s my Blog-o-versary, I have been blogging for 3 years, wow! 🙂

Blog-o-verary the third

So that’s a good excuse for another giveaway!

How about a BurdaStyle magazine? I should really have thought of this sooner, like mid-April, since May has been our Burda Month Sew-along but that’s OK, it’s still a good prize no?

The issue is November 2010 which you can preview here also.

Here are the highlights:

If the winner is not in NZ I’ll also throw in a bonus Kiwi treat for you to try 😉

Participating or not you can enter to win, anyone, anywhere is eligible. It would be awesome if you do win please sew something from it and share it with me later.

So, it’s easy, leave me a comment if you want the chance to win this magazine and tell me: Do you have any of these mags or none at all? Are you sewing along with us? Following in spirit? Have we maybe even convinced you to give Burda a try?

You can enter for either giveaway or both, just make it clear in your comments and answer my questions 🙂

Good luck!



Pattern Pyramid Update

I’ve sort of been voluntarily offline these Christmas holidays but just a quick post to update you on my contribution to the Wellington Pattern Pyramid.

Hannah from Made with Hugs & Kisses has received my parcel and she chose McCall’s 6037 and has added two more patterns to keep the pyramid trucking along, including a cute kiddies outfit:

Made with Hugs & Kisses Pattern Pyramid!

If you missed out on one of the other Wellington Pattern Pyramids you should pop on over to Hannah’s blog post here and get yourself in the draw 🙂 Good luck!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas xx


And the winner is…

*drum roll…

Comment number 5 – since my comments are displayed in reverse order (newest comments are first) I’ll count backwards to…

Hannah of Made with Hugs & Kisses! Hannah loved the McCall’s pattern, nice choice!

From Wellington my pattern pyramid is now off to Liverpool. I look forward to seeing where in the world it ends up next 🙂

Hannah, contact me with your address details through the contact form found here and I’ll get it off to you asap.

Thanks for all your comments everyone, it was a lot of fun to start a new pyramid, make sure you keep an eye on Hannah’s blog for your chance at the next round.

If you are sad you didn’t win why don’t you hop on over to Nikki’s blog? Her pyramid is still open and you currently have a 100% chance of winning a couple of super cute Style patterns!

footer_kiwi walking love copy

Pattern Pyramid – LAST CHANCE!

Today is the last day for you to leave a comment HERE to be in with a chance to win my Wellington Pattern Pyramid so hop on over and comment quick. Tomorrow, sometime in-between between making a Pavlova, stuffing myself full at our early family Christmas lunch and waddling home, I will draw a winner and announce 😉

Don’t forget to check out the other Wellington Blogger’s pages too for more chances to win!

In other sewing related news, I thought I’d share a sneak peek of my NZ Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap ornament. I can’t show you the whole thing yet because my I am posting it this weekend (yes I am a week late but my partner is also in NZ so no worries!)

So tiny!


What is it? 😉 Well, it’s pretty tiny, that’s what it is!

After I started I was thinking to myself, “what am I DOING?!” but actually, I made 3 of these in a row and it was quite soothing to slow down and work at such a small scale.

They were quick to make too, the hardest part, in truth, was picking from my ridiculously large stash of fat quarters, why do I keep buying these things?!

This isn’t even one-quarter of my stash!

Also, from the last sale:

These arrived in just 7 days, what?!

The DKNY is going high up “the list”, I even have an amazing 1.2 meter remnant already pulled out for it. Should be a speedy make, so many fantastic versions online!

Just quickly, in gardening news:




Oh, and Happy National Jandal Day 😉

footer_kiwi with needle1

Birthday dress bodice progress…

The bodice of Simplicity 1802 (aka The Super Late Birthday Dress for 2012) has been complete since last week, then I ran into a little snag.

Looks good on Scarlett no? I have tried it on myself too 😉

The size chart suggested I should cut a size 16 but after looking at the finished measurements on the tissue pieces I ended up cutting a size 14. So. Much. Ease!

In general the fit is good, that bit of pulling under the bust is nothing, just how it’s sitting after I pinned the side seams, ignore that.

I love the colour and the piping and I am still really excited for the finished dress.

I’ll show you what you can’t see in this photo:

All the bodice shaping is built into the seaming of the front panels but it begins waaay too high, there is much gape-age and this weird baggy convex effect above my actual bust. This bodice is designed for a bust so high up that if I had an extra set of boobs on top of my real boobs it would fit perfectly!

I think my husband would be pleased too 😉

We also have armhole gape-age:

…and some pretty extreme back gape-age:

This photo makes my hand look gigantic and my dress form tiny!


It does fit though, apart from the gape-age (have I used that word enough yet?) and the unusually high boob issue. It can all be fixed, it just needs to be taken in at strategic places, this would be easy…except that we have piping to deal with…

So I have pinned out the excess, marking the new seam lines comes next then I can relocate the piping and stitch it back up. It won’t take long, it’s just super annoying!

Due to almost all of my family members being in various other places on Christmas Day we are having our Christmas dinner early this year, as in this Saturday. With work at the moment I can’t see this dress being finished for that, plus I want to get the rugby jersey out of the way this week instead.

Still, I need to set myself a bit of a goal, so I would like to be able to share it with you all by the following weekend, the 15th/16th – nothing particularly special happening that weekend, but I am sure I can convince Nerdy Hubby to take me out to dinner anyway 😉

Keep your fingers crossed for no more crazy fitting weirdness please.

I can wear it for the Christmas dinner on actual Christmas Day we are planning for Nerdy Husbands family at our house (our first Christmas at our very own house, exciting!) then I can start dress number 2, maybe that can be my New Years dress, not that I need any excuse for a new dress!

Pattern pyramid reminder: Have you left a comment here to be in the draw to win my selection of the Wellington Pattern Pyramids yet?

How about on one of the other fabulous Wellington bloggers blogs?

Nikki and Jo have their pyramids up and Joy and Kat each have TWO pyramids to give away. That’s 7 chances for you to win some fabulous vintage kitschy pattern goodness so hop on over quick and comment away 🙂

If you can’t enter the above due to you not having your own blog, don’t worry, on the weekend I realised I had just cracked 200, 000 hits so I will be doing some sort of give-away in celebration of that soon too, keep your eyes open…


The Great Wellington Pattern Pyramid Launch!

I am sure by now you are all well aware of the various pattern pyramids streaking through the sewing blog-o-sphere. And if not then you better check out the post by the amazing Pattern Pyramid instigator Karen of Did You make That? stat!

Like me, you may have stalked these pyramids and put your name down many many times in the hopes of getting your mitts on a pile of vintage (and sometimes very kitsch) patterns to take your pick from or unload a couple of your own on to and pass on.

Well guess what?

After our super successful first Wellington bloggers meet we had a few, ok, heaps(!) of left over pattern swap goodies. So, as previously alluded to, we decided to send out a mass Wellington Pattern Pyramid TO THE WORLD!

Each of the amazing Wellington Sewing Blogging Ladies (this is not really our official name, I just made that up right now) have each personally selected 6 gorgeous patterns, just for you. We will be posting these up this weekend on each of our blogs for you to enter and WIN!

Here is The Curious Kiwi’s Special Selection:

The Great Wellington Pattern Pyramid launch!

Let’s take a closer look at the options shall we?

Perfect for lounging in the sunshine as summer approaches (for us down here anyway):

McCalls 6037 – Misses’ & Women’s Top, Tunic & Caftan

Size (B5) 8-10-12-14-16
Uncut/factory folded

For the groooovey 1970s man in your life?:

Simplicity 8492 – Men’s Unlined Jacket & Pants

Size 38 – Chest 97cm/38”, Waist 81cm/32”
Pattern is cut but appears intact with instructions

For the active man, oh my, those thighs!:

Butterick 3050 – Men’s Jacket, Pants & Shorts

Size medium – Chest 97-102cm/81-87”
Uncut/factory folded

I’m sorry but the headband isn’t included in the pattern but I’m sure you could work out how to whip that up by yourself, you are all so talented!

Back to the ladies, the ever-stylish blazer, great for both work & play – I almost kept this one!:

Simplicity 7113 – Misses Lined Blazer

Sizes 18 & 20 – Bust 102cm/40” and 107cm/42”
Uncut/factory folded

Light and feminine, perfect for relaxing on a warm Summers evening, could be really cute with some lace inserts:

Butterick 5744 – Misses’ Gown and Robes

Size 10 – Bust 83cm/32½”
Uncut/factory folded

And another great Summer pattern, a classic a-line dress WITH BONUS POCKETS!:

Style 2245 – Misses’ & Womens Bias Dress

Sizes 18 & 20 – Bust 102cm/40” and 107cm/42”
Uncut/factory folded

So what do you think about Wellington’s stash busting efforts? I know hobbits are very exciting too but…PATTERNS! Do any of these take your fancy?

A reminder of The Rules:

  • Anyone, anywhere in the world, can enter by leaving a comment on this post by midnight NZDT (UTC/GMT +12 hours) on Friday 7th December (which really means when I get up Saturday morning!) but you must have an active blog.
  • I will randomly select one winner, Person A, and post them the collection of 6 patterns.
  • Person A will then pick one pattern to keep for themselves, then host their own give-away  They will randomly select a winner, post the remaining patterns to  Person B.
  • Person B will pick a pattern for themselves and promptly host their own give-away and post the remaining patterns to the winner, Person C. Person C will do the same and so on until there is a last pattern winner…you get the idea.
  • Some people like to replace the pattern they are taking with another from their stash, this keeps the pyramid going longer, but is not compulsory.

So comment away to let me know you want to be in the draw and tell me which pattern you would keep out of the amazing selection above and why?

Then don’t forget to check out the other Wellington Sewing Bloggers and add them to your reading list for more chances to get your hands on a Wellington Pattern Pyramid:

Where in the world will the Wellington Pattern Pyramids end up next?

Stay tuned! 😉