Happy 1st Birthday BSC Perth!

This month our Perth BurdaStyle Sewing Club celebrates 1 year of socially sewing together. It’s been a really fun year and we have gotten up to a lot of mischief and fun and made a whole pile of wonderful new friends. Sandra and I had no idea how big this club would eventually get and new members are contacting us all the time. Perth is full of talented sewers and I feel our ‘little’ club has plugged a large gap in the social sewing group scene.

The next 12 months are planned to be just as exciting with as many fresh new ideas as we have members! First up in September we have a thrift store challenge and then we’ll be getting into Christmas mode with a few fun stocking-stuffer sew-alongs. If you’ve heard of us and been a  bit shy, or reading about us for the first time you are more than welcome to come along and meet us. Why don’t you pop on over to our ning site to request membership (we have to control the spammers, but you’ll get approved almost instantly) then you can see what we’ve been up to over the last year and jump right in and participate. You’ll get invites to new meets and enjoy all the fun that our social sewing group has to offer, I promise you’ll enjoy yourself, get excellent sewing help and be inspired to sew more. We look forward to meeting you soon xx

Here are a few pics from our fun day:

We had presents (secret Santa style)

We had cake complete with miniature bunting

Plenty of tasty food and drink

And here is everyone who was able to attend

(front to back, left to right):

Debra, Sarah, Cherie, Sandi, Elizabeth, Carolyn

Melissa, Jacquie, Gill, Kate, Sandra

Vanessa, Kadi & Libby

BurdaStyle Sewing Club Perth

A little while ago BurdaStyle.com suggested sewers from around the world take up the initiative to meet up and sew together socially. They launched the BurdaStyle Sewing Clubs and its own network on Ning.com and encouraged members to take charge and start a club with their support. I was really excited to hear this as by then I was buried deep within my sewing nerdyness and beginning to think about looking up Perth sewing clubs. So I patiently waited for someone to post a Perth club…then I ran out of patience and I posted up on the BurdaStyle forums suggesting that I wanted in and was happy to help with the organisation but had nowhere for members to meet. Then Sandra contacted me, she was also interested in running a Perth based BSC and she had the perfect place for us to meet, her very own sewing studio. So together we co-run BSC Perth, WA and it has been amazing beyond our expectations, it’s really great to have friends who truly understand your obsession with fabric/patterns/thread/buttons! We meet once a month, usually on the second weekend and we are always looking for new members. Anyone is welcome so why don’t you join up and come visit us next month? Check out our ning site for a bit more info or email me at bscperthwa@gmail.com and I’ll help you get started, hope to meet you soon 🙂

(left to right: Melissa, Deborah, Sarah, Gill, Jayne, Rachel (visiting from the Melbourne CBD club), Vanessa, Sandra & Melissa)