Do you guys Pin?

I have to admit that I don’t. Well actually I used too, then I got all a bit weirded out by the thinspiration that kept cropping up in my search so I stopped doing it…then I deleted my account because I just didn’t use it and I kind of like to keep a handle on how many internet identities I have randomly floating around.

I prefer to use Evernote plus I tend to be stuck in the habit of saving a ridiculous amount of images in folders on my hard drive so I can flick through them at my leisure when I need inspiration.

Then I discovered in my referrer sats that despite not pinning personally people are pinning me, which is pretty cool:

Pinterest is a good way to easily remember that tutorial you spotted, and it’s visual, which is how most creative types learn and retain knowledge. Did you ever do that test at school, the VAK (visual/audio/kinesthetic) learning test? I was mostly a visual chicky, with a bit of kinesthetic thrown in for good measure.

Anyway, if you’ve pinned me in the past thanks heaps, I love new visitors and comments and sharing the love.

Happy Monday everyone xx