Introducing…Rigel Bomber Jacket January!

Back during #bpSewvember, Sonja of Ginger Makes posted a picture of her Papercut pattern collection, with the Rigel Bomber at the top of the pile. She needed an excuse to find the time to finally sew it up…as self confessed Papercut Uber Fan Girls it’ll be no surprise for you to read that it’s been on mine and Kat’s list for a while too…so we put our hands up.

Several comments later it seems that a lot of other sewing peeps own the Rigel and need the push to move it out of the “to-sew” pile and into the wardrobe too.

So Rigel Bomber Jacket January was born!

It’s official, look, we even have a badge 😉

So, what’s it all about?

It’s really simple: We’re going to finally sew up our Rigel Bombers during January and then we’ll all reveal our fabulous jackets at the end of the month

And we’re inviting you to join us.

You can post on our Flickr group to show off your completed Rigels and share your progress with us on Twitter and IG using #rigelbomberjanuary

But what if you don’t have the pattern yet? Don’t worry, there is plenty of time left to order from the Papercut website, just pop on over and snap it up.

Katie has also just released the Rigel in PDF but if this is your very first Papercut purchase then I urge you to splurge on at least one of her envelope patterns. You’ll appreciate all the extra love that goes into her patterns from the gorgeous cardboard envelope, to the heavy-duty pattern paper and the sweet little instruction booklet you make up yourself.

Oh wait, did I mention the prizes yet?

Oh yes!

Katie was super excited about our idea and has offered some sweet loot!

Sonja, Kat, and I will each choose a favourite Rigel from the Flickr group and those winners will each receive a free Papercut pattern of their choice.

But as Sonja put it “…really, we’ll all be winners cause we’ll all have sweeeeeeeeeet jackets!”

Oh yes we will!

So, are you in?