Self Stitched September – Week 1 round-up

Here is a quick round up of my first week of Self Stitched September, it was a short week, which was nice to ease into the whole month of wearing mostly me-made-clothes. Since all my me-made-clothes so far have been pretty much just for work or fancy-going-out clothes I won’t be wearing them on the weekend, instead I will dedicate a large chunk of time to sewing and preparing rescuing a few items from my UFO pile to wear the following week and documenting new items for uploading to my BurdaStyle Studio. I will share with you my weekend progress in place of my outfit.

1st – Zoe dress – see previous post

2nd –Sea Cucumber JJ blouse with Jenny skirt (which I haven’t even posted yet!), my tights are just some cheapies from Coles (I think) and boots from Joanne Mercer (I LOVE them!).

3rd – Today has reminded me that I don’t have any me-made pants…I have made pants before so it’s not out of fear, its more that since sewing them for myself I have begun to love dresses! (This needs to be rectified and I have fabric and patterns set out but with Summer fast approaching they may have to wait until next Winter, more dresses!) So today I wear some purchased pants from Portmans with a new top Simplicity 2364 (also not posted yet) with my Stella Jacket and shoes from Nine West. This jacket really only goes with my dark jeans and a black top so I am glad I finally have something to wear with it. I can also see this top with a sequinned crop jacket for going out…it’s not far down the list.

4th – My Saturday got ambushed by a certain fiancé who took me on a trip to Bunbury but that’s a whole other long story. When I got home I managed a quick trip to Spotlight for a longer zipper for my Patrones jeans which are very close to being finished. I also found the perfect lining for my fiancés jacket and started this Butterick top 5495 using fabric from my Melbourne trip.

5th – On Sunday I kept a promise and finally cut out my fiancés Stinchcomb jacket, no excuses left after picking up the perfect lining fabric and shoulder pads on Saturday. All I need now is some horsehair for lapels and collar but I can begin piecing it together during the week.

Phew, now, on to this week, a full 5 days of me-made-clothes but luckily the weather is promising sunshine and little rain, hello Spring, welcome back…


Self Stitched September – Day 1

September snuck up pretty quick didn’t it? I feel a little dupped to be honest, like when I wasn’t looking someone stole a month out of my calendar. I also feel very unprepared. I had intended to get a lot of sewing done the last two months and instead I have done almost none. But no worries, Self Stitched September is happening and I am a part of it and I will do my best. I’m not going to post an update for you everyday, that will end up very boring, very quickly since my Self Stitched pool is pretty small. I’ll do a weekly round up instead and try to be as inventive as possible and perhaps this month will really show me what is truly missing from my little capsule wardrobe. I suspect it will also push me to finish those 4 or 5 items I have not completed for no particular reason.

Believe it or not I do actually sew, not that I’ve really done any since starting my blog, life has been getting in the way a little bit. My New Years Resolution was to increase the amount of me made clothes and as such I have not purchased a single new item of clothing this year (excluding under garments of course!), but I have acquired a lot of sewing patterns and fabric so its time to start seriously eating into my stash. I have a few items planned for this month and I hope to share them with you soon.

But on to today, here I am at work, next to my best friend Mr Large Format Copier. Today I am wearing my Zoe dress with purchased blouse from Portmans, tights from David Jones and shoes from Betts. I love this dress, even if lining up the plaid was almost my undoing, it is so comfortable to wear I should really make a second one in a different fabric. I highly recommend the pattern but be sure to add some vertical darts in the front to give a better fit under the bust.


Ready for a challenge? I am.

I was a bit sad that I missed out on the Me Made May challenge because getting my wardrobe to at least 80% made-by-me was my 2010 New Years Resolution. So when ‘So, Zo…’ announced Self-Stitched-September I figured I had to give it a try plus it’ll give me a kick in the bum to get some serious sewing done in the next few months, so here’s my pledge:

I, kaitui_kiwi, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-September. I endeavour to wear as many handmade item(s) of clothing as possible (aiming for 80%) for every day for the duration of September 2010′.

There! Now, quick, to the sewing machines bat-kiwi!

(Why don’t you join in too? Check out the blog and make the pledge, you know you want to!)