FO: Hellloooo Cindy!

Are you ready? Because here is my oldest Un-photographed Finished Object, photographed, finally!:

My “ode to the 1950s” swimsuit model pose…I need to get myself a sailor hat!

It is the Cindy swimsuit from BurdaStyle, a two piece bather with ruched sweet-heart halter neck top and separate bikini bottoms with ruffle. The ruching is very flattering across the tum tum and the ruffle attached to the bikini bottoms gives that little bit of extra coverage for your confidence.

I downloaded this pattern for free back in the good old days when new patterns were released each Monday and we weren’t bombarded with spam and advertisements…ahh, those were the days…now it’s a $3.50 download which I guess isn’t a bad price for a cute bathing suit.

Looking, looking..that’s Kapiti Island, a nature reserve, on the right.

This was my first ever attempt at making a swimsuit. I was living in Perth at the time (I am guessing I made this in early 2009) and because I was quite proud of my efforts I intended to photograph it at the beach immediately…but it just never happened.

When In-the-mood-for-a-swim Hubby suggested a day trip to the beach at QEII Park on Wellington Anniversary I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share it with you all while knocking one of my Re-Sew-lutions on the head at the same time!

Please be appreciative of my bravery, this is the least amount of clothing I have ever been photographed in!

It is not really a swimming swimsuit, more of a lie-under-the-beach-umbrella-looking-pretty kind of swimsuit.

I am still very proud of this make but I admit it is not 100% perfect.

Things I would do differently if I made this swimsuit again:


More length to the bodice, maybe as much a 5cm! It rides up, probably a cause of the cute and flattering ruching, but I have a long torso and generally prefer a bit more length in my tops so I normally add that into the bodice of most Burda/BurdaStyle patterns.

Add in some bust support. This pattern isn’t great for a C/ D-on-a-good-day bust. I think the low back doesn’t help so perhaps a strap across the upper back like the Alison pattern and building in some bra cups would help it a lot.

Reduce the width of the crotch in the bikini bottoms. It is wiiiiiiiiide and bunches/folds uncomfortably at each side.

Add a bit more width at the back of the bikini bottoms for better bum coverage. It is a tad skimpy and I was constantly plucking them out of you-know-where…

Use my elasticator foot on my overlocker for a more rtw looking finish. The zig-zag is ok, it looks fine in fact, it’s strong, stretchy and tidy. When I decided to make this swimsuit I had already bought my overlocker but not very long before hand. It came with extra feet including an elasticator foot that feeds the elastic at a constant controlled stretch while overlocking it in place. It’s very cool and I have played with it quite a bit since but at the time it was just a bit too much to take in all at once: First swimsuit, new overlocker, tensions!, elasticator foot, etc…

Remember not to use a straight stitch! I stitched the long seam on the halter strap with a straight stitch, I have no idea why I did that, I knew better back then too. So it does’t really stretch on that edge and digs into my neck rather than stretching, it’s a bit uncomfortable but not a big deal.

Ok, I think you’ll agree that’s enough of my legs for one day! 😉