WIP: Simplicity 2556 Vest

I hardly ever post WIP images.

I have this thing about jinxing myself which I know is silly. But since I was a bit camera-shy this weekend and therefore have no finished item images to share here is the progress I’ve made on my vest.

I’m really excited about it!

You might remember that I bought the pattern in a size bracket which was too small for me. I had pulled it out of my filing cabinet and paired it with some fabric a few weeks ago and it wasn’t until I unfolded the tissue to trace it up that I realised the problem.


I was determined to make the vest anyway. I’ve seen some amazing versions of it online, Tasia’s version was the clincher. So I decided to have a go at drafting it up a size (or two) using the instructions I had in a Burda magazine. I scanned them in here if you’re interested.

It suggests changing the pattern by no more that 2 sizes in order to maintain the good fit of the original draft. I’m not sure if that means one size each way (one up and one down) or what but I needed to go from a 12 to a 16 so I just did it anyway 🙂 I had no intention of fitting a muslin first, I don’t have the patience, so I did a quick tissue fit check on Scarlett. It looked good so I crossed my fingers and cut into my fabric.

Here is the outer (inside out), I basted the shoulders and side seams for a test fit:

It was good! All I did was take in the top of each princess seam (front and back) near the arm hole to correct a tiny bit of gaping, I will do the same at the side seam when they get stitched properly. The centre back seam is straight and I was going to trim off the seam allowance and cut it on the fold to eliminate the seam but in the end I went with the original pattern just in case I needed some extra shaping. I did in fact have some gapeage at the back of the neck so was able to correct that as well.

I doubt these required tweaks are a result of my enlarging the pattern, they are typical of the little OCD corrections I perform on most patterns.

My fabric is a wool blend in dark grey (almost black but not quite) with a white pin stripe. I was going to buy a black pinstripe but I’m glad I’ve gone for the softer tone, I’ll be able to wear it with more items and it makes it a bit less formal feeling.

The front pieces are interfaced with the last of the most amazing interfacing I bought at an Empire Rose sale aaaages ago in Western Australia. It was only about $5/m and it is so good I wish I’d just bought the entire bolt! Ah well, nothing lasts forever, right?

For lining I decided to “keep it in the stash” and used up some of my leftover satin from my Hikaru jacket. I kind of wanted something with a bit more punch (like hot pink or lime green) but sanity (and the long stretch until pay-day) prevailed.

 You can see below the front lining pieces are faced with interfaced self fabric and the rest of the pieces are cut in lining.

It took forever to pin the lining and outer together. I spent a ridiculous amount of time crawling about on the floor (oh for a bigger room!) carefully lining up each seam but it was worth it. The construction order is to stitch all the way around (excluding the side seams) joining the lining and outer together.

Like so:

 Next you turn the whole thing right side out through the side seams. I’ve done that but I don’t have a picture. You really don’t need to see it in it’s just turned state, all puffy and round and floppy and needing a really good press.

So that is next and then after stitching up the side seams and I just need to find the perfect buttons and it’s all done.

I like seeing WIP images on other blogs I read, do you? Or do you prefer to see the finished item instead of the long journey? Are WIP posts inspirational? Helpful? Boring?