WSBN does Yum Cha

Obviously the Wellington Sewing Bloggers love to sew…and blog about it…but you know what else we love?

Yum char!

So when some much needed rain threatened to…err, rain…on our parade picnic we switched it up for something else we all love: Eating!


The mango pudding was delicious!

And you know what? The plan worked! Today it is raining! Not a lot and I’m not sure how much good it’s doing but it is a start.

Also, we had our biggest group ever, clearly the promise of yummy food out of the rain helped 😉

Here we are at Made Marion, exhausted after too much mango pudding and rummaging through a huge pattern /fabric swap:


Left to right: Wendy, Nikki, Sandra, Me, Teresa, Nicola (and Ash), Juliet, Leimomi, Holly

Kat (and Drake), Joy

Photo credit: Nikki


WSBN Meet Update

Listen carefully, I shall say this only once: Along with the rest of New Zealand, Wellington needs some rain, and badly! The Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network girls are proud to do their part.

We won’t be having our picnic tomorrow, a difficult sacrifice but all part of our elaborate plan. Secretly we are actually going to meet for Yum Char instead, but don’t tell the weather ok?

What you are going to do is get up tomorrow morning and say out aloud, “Oh gee, I am ever so much looking forward to meeting up with the WSBN girls at the picnic today, I really hope it doesn’t rain on us, because that would be dreadful!”

Then you’ll jump into your preferred mode of transport and go to Majestic Cuisine on Courtney Place.

I told you the backup place was yummy! But seriously, it’s going to be awesome but there are no guarantees of enough mango pudding to go around so I suggest you don’t be late 😉

Where: Majestic Cuisine, 11 Courtenay Place, Wellington

When: 17 March 2013, 11am (no later if you want mango pudding)

What to bring: A sense of humour is compulsory, an empty stomach and change so we can split the bill.

Wear a you-made creation if you like compliments (don’t we all?!) ;)

Afterwards we will toddle on over to Made on Marion so feel free to bring some show-and-tell or fabric/patterns to swap, anything that you might like some help with (i.e. part finished project or a pattern you have questions about)

Want some photos of a new outfit? Wear it and bring your camera we can take some photos of you.

Got it?


See you tomorrow! xx

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