Tutorial: Refracted La Sylphide

Above is my Reflective La Sylphide – I made some quick and easy pattern alterations to Papercut’s La Sylphide pattern to create a chevron effect front and back.

This is quick photo tutorial showing you how I did it:

In this last photo you can see that I joined my button placket pattern pieces together at the waist seam – I’ve decided this was not was the best idea – I suggest you cut them separately and stitch them together so that you can maintain the waist shaping at the join.The instructions show the back bodice (2) and back skirt (6) cut on the fold, but now you can cut them however you like to make use of your fabrics stripe/pattern. Remember to cut two button plackets as well.

Stitch the back bodice pieces together at the new centre back seam and press open, repeat for the back skirt pieces then follow the instructions as printed.

Attach your button plackets to the front bodice and front skirt then follow the rest of the instructions as printed.

If you decide to cut your button placket as a single piece (like I did) attach it after you attach your skirt to the bodice then follow the rest of the instructions as printed.


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