Introducing: The Monthly Stitch!

Hi everyone! I’ve been laid low with the flu the last few days (why does it always strike on the weekend?!) so please excuse me if this post begins to waffle due to any remaining flu-induced delirium.

First up I just want to say a big Thank You to everyone who has contacted me about the last few shaky days here in Wellington. The earthquakes have been incredibly scary, the aftershocks continue today, and the whole of central New Zealand is on tender hooks.

As a kiwi I’ve always been aware that New Zealand is highly geologically active, that’s part of the reason why our country is so beautiful! Wellington in particular is divided by several fault lines and over time they’ve created our hills, our harbour and even our airport!

Very early on in school you learn all about what to do in an earthquake and I’m married to a geologist but in all my time here in Welly the quakes building up to that 6.5 on Sunday night were the largest I have ever experienced and none of that  knowledge makes it easier.

It’s really nice to know that random strangers on the Internet are worried about me and my family. I’m just kidding, you guys aren’t strangers! All of the Curious Kiwis are safe and sound with no damage to any of our burrows. l hope all my other kiwi readers are safe too, sending you internet-hugs!

It’s a good reminder for EVERYONE to have your emergency kit and family plan well prepared in advance.

Thanks again guys xx

Right, on to more exciting things!

Over the last few months I have been quietly scheming with my fellow Wellingtonian’s Kat, Juliet.

It’s been a few months in the making but we are finally ready to launch our sparkly new concept: The Monthly Stitch.

The Monthly Stitch is an ongoing Sew-along with a new challenge each month.

The idea is simple: sew one garment (or more) each month that relates to the theme.

Our challenge themes are designed to be open to interpretation and fit in with your own personal sewing skill level, style and geographic location.

Our aim is to build a collaborative collective of enthusiastic sewists all over the world for some inspirational sewing show-and-tell, increase our sewing productivity and have a heap of fun.

Our first challenge begins in August and has already been announced over on The Monthly Stitch, so how about you pop on over and check it out?

While you are there make sure you visit our About page to learn more and then read over the FAQ to find out how to join us.

Fell free to sew along in spirit but if you really want to take the big plunge you should jump on board! Signing up is easy and we’d love to have you here from the very beginning 🙂

Harri approves of this!


33 thoughts on “Introducing: The Monthly Stitch!

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  3. Ohh this sounds like fun, I have always wanted a cape for swanning around European streets! Like I go there all the time of course 😉 count me in (I think just gotta get my pattern organised)
    Glad you are ok after the quakes, I am originally from Chch so I know all about quakes unfortunately.

    • Ahh swanning, yes, that’s what we do when we wear our capes…this is the perfect excuse to sew something you wouldn’t usually 😉

      It’s hard to go through any quake now and not think about poor beautiful ChCh :/

  4. I think Mum might wear a cape if I make it for her. I may even have a pattern in my stash somewhere…
    Ok, back to finishing assessment #1, then I can sew for a little while.

  5. The monthly stich sounds awesome =] I hope you guys are ok in NZ but I trust you to look after yourself and DH and dear Harri

  6. Really glad to hear you & your family are okay, I can’t imagine how scary that must have been!

    The sewalong sounds like a great idea, as I’m still finishing up my Indie challenge makes (yes, still!!!) I’ll have to take a realistic look at my diary 😉 I’d love to sew up the Papercut Patterns cape though!

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