Blogs I <3 to Stalk

A is for Awesome (that’s you!):

B is for Buttons:

C is for Creative:

D is for Dart:

E is for Elastic:

F is for FABRIC! (of which you can never have too much):

G is for Gorgeous (in your you-made clothes):

H is for Handmade:

I is for Interfacing:

J is for Jealous (of your amazing talent!):

K is for Knife Pleat:

L is for Lace (pretty!):

M is for Measuring Tape:

N is for Needles:

O is for Overlock:

P is for PATTERNS:

Q is for Quilting (why can’t I stop buying those cute fat quarters?!)

R is for Ruffles (love them!):

S is for Sewing Machine (of course!):

T is for Top Stitching (nice & straight):

U is for UFO (don’t let that pile get too big!):

V is for Vintage:

W is for Weekend (yay, time for sewing):

Y is for Yoke:

Z is for Zipper:

pink tapemeasure 1 = Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network,  = New Zealand based blogger,  = Australian based blogger

Last page update: 18 July 2013


16 thoughts on “Blogs I <3 to Stalk

  1. HI I am messaging you today as I have an original Pfaff 360 (1960) with all original parts and carry case in pristine condition fully serviced. I was hoping you could help me shed some light on the actual value of this machine. It is a dream machine and works like a Trojan…. I would appreciate your assistance.

  2. What a giant list of blogs! I should take the time to check them all out. Thanks for making this list. I love getting to now new blogs! Jeej!

  3. Hi, I live in Costa Rica where I can get the Patrones mag. Since you seem to have sewn some things from the patterns, I was wondering if you could tell me if the the seam allowances are included in the patterns they provide. I am an experienced sewer and can’t seem to get the sizing right. Thanks in advance for you help!


    • Hi Susan, I subscribed to Patrones by emailing – the seam allowances are NOT included so you have to add them yourselves. I find that compared to other patterns sizing charts the waist size is a lot smaller so I usually cut a bit bigger in the waist. I hope that helps 🙂

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