Winners & WIPs

Congratulations to Tineke and Natasha who were the winners of my Silly Sewing Mistake giveaway. Because their answers both came in within 2 hours of each other while I was offline (read: outside taking more photos of snow!), and being first time commentors ended up being held for moderation I decided to be a Generous Kiwi and give two Manequim issues away.

Tineke will be enjoying issue 625 and Natasha will love my second spare Manequim issue 624 which is also super amazing. I hope you girls enjoy the goodness that is Manequim and thank you so much for reading 🙂

The answer was that, despite checking and checking again, I managed put my buttons on the “wrong” side!

I’ve heard two theories as to why women’s tops button right-over-left and men’s left-over-right. The first is that in ancient times wealthy ladies (who could afford buttoned items which were quite expensive) would have maids to dress them and it is easier to button a shirt up from the outside in that manner if you are right-handed, but men tended to dress themselves. The second is also from ancient times when men wore swords but of course, women didn’t. The majority being right-handed would belt their sword to the left hip, buttons are placed on the opposite side so that as they drew their sword it wouldn’t catch on the overlap. Either way it’s all a bit old fashioned isn’t it and as Natasha pointed out to me in an email, no one will pick my mistake unless they try my blouse on. It does feel a little weird buttoning it up the “wrong” way though 😉

What do you think? Have you heard these anecdotes or have you heard a different one?

It has been absolutely freezing in my sewing room the last two days so yesterday I set myself up in the lounge with a laptop, some machine-less sewing tasks and the fire.

I did a little of this:

This may be previously mentioned “belated birthday dress”…

…and a little of this:

So warm…

Here is a sneak peak of my current WIP that is awaiting a last little bit of sewing. There isn’t a lot left to do but it’s way to cold to be whipping off the clothes for the final alterations before completing but hopefully I can share it with you this weekend. The fabric is from Potter’s in Perth, it’s a silk crepe that I picked up off of the “Remnant Table of Endless Inspiration”, I got the 149cm x 1.1m length for $10, bargain.


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