Beware the hungry overlocker

Don’t worry, this blog title has nothing to do with the 1930s dress! 😉 I have to re-take the photos but I can report that I am very pleased with how it turned out despite the fabric giving me a bit of grief. I really want to re-do my hair before I take them so you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer…

Time for a ‘woe is me’ moment: Lady Luck has deserted me the last few days. Most notably her absence has meant my car has decided that it’s much more fun to be a lump of useless metal on wheels in the garage than to actually be a car…with an engine…that works. So, suddenly car-less, I didn’t get to go to this months Fabric Hoarders meet 😦 which made me a bit sad on top of all the other dramas life seems to be throwing my way at the moment. I was really looking forward to going so instead I stayed home, grumbling about how I hate cars (which I don’t, just that one in the garage) and trying to sew as a distraction from the mechanics bill.

My (last) JJ is progressing well but it had a close call with the overlocker on Saturday. I got distracted by the fact that the tension had all of a sudden turned to poo and while I was confusedly staring at the thread chain, with my foot still on the go pedal, the Bernina happily started munching on the stray shoulder seam edge. I stopped, just in time, and the cut is within the seam allowance just…phew!

It doesn’t look so bad now does it? But you know that feeling when you first realise what’s happening? It was almost all over.

So what happened to my tension? The lower looper thread jumped out of the tension disc at the top, it does this fairly regularly and is very irritating but it’s been looked at and there is nothing wrong with the machine.  Apparently I just don’t get it clicked in properly when I thread it so when I go fast (which is my usual speed) the movement of the thread off the cone whips itself out of the disc. A thread net helps on the bigger cones and the service guy told me to thread that bit almost backwards to really make sure it clicks in there and that does seem to work, I just keep forgetting to do it that way! I did discover that I can re-thread just the top part of that path and pull the thread through without re-threading the whole thing.

Does anyone else get the jumpy thread problem?

So, almost done, excuse the really bad night-time flash photography effort. The most time consuming bit (making and attaching the ruffles) is done, the collar is just pinned on for now, then I just need to attach the sleeves, button/button holes and hem it.

I probably would have finished but I needed to make my Christmas decoration for my swap partner. I am paired up with Ann of Annie B Handmade, she is in Auckland. I usually make a couple of new ornaments for our tree each year and I was going to make something for her that I had already made but instead I decided to make something new. I really liked the idea so I made two at once, one for me too 😉 they were much more time consuming that I thought they would be but I really loved how they turned out. I can’t share pictures with you until she receives it, but when I get confirmation I will show you and share the link to the tutorial I used.

2 thoughts on “Beware the hungry overlocker

  1. THe fabric looks great! I have a bernina overlocker too and love it to peices. That’s not saying I don’t have issues with it. Like at the moment it’s in the garage as I got fed up with re-threading it! Garh. haha, Can’t wait to see the finnished top!

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