Burda Magazine Sew Along – coming to you in May

Recently, on a sunny afternoon in Wellington, some lovely ladies meet for sushi on the grass at Midland park. They discussed work, life…and of course sewing. And they also schemed…about sew alongs…many, many sew alongs 😉

One of these schemings came about after a discussion regarding how many Burda mags some of us own vs. how many patterns we have actually sewn from them…are you with me?

Burda Sew Along

So, this quick post is your heads up.

During May the Wellington Sewing Blogger Network is encouraging you to join us in our (hopefully annual) Burda Magazine sew along.

Yep that’s right, for the month of May, participating bloggers sign up to sew at least one item, or more, from a Burda magazine in their possession*.

Allow me to introduce Kat and myself as your hosts, we’ll be sharing everyone’s amazing projects with you via our blogs and Pinterest board.

Never sewn from a Burda Magazine before? Now is your perfect chance. Between us we’ll be posting some helpful tutorials to help you sew along with us. From seam allowance help to scary pattern layout sheets and demystifying those crazy instructions (and whatever else we can think of) we’ll be here for you!

Never done a sew along before? Guess what? Me neither! But this a great first one to try because you can pretty much sew anything you like, it doesn’t even matter what season it is where you live. Plus the entire Burda magazine catalogue is your oyster, waaaay back to the 1950s!

So are you in? Great! Head on over to Kat’s sign up/participants page, grab the badge above and start your scheming!

*actual ownership is not required, you can borrow or download too if you like!


46 thoughts on “Burda Magazine Sew Along – coming to you in May

  1. This sew along really got me onto a deadline. It’s taken until today to get my thing almost ready to wear. But I would love some suggestions on how I should close the front opening on my BurdaStyle Magaz\ine cape. I’ve set up a poll so I’d love you to vote..

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  10. Ooh what great timing, I’ve got some Burda magazines borrowed from the local library and already made 1 thing from it, guess i’ll have to make more!

      • I got March, mainly for the gathered-front cardigan pattern. There’s a couple other cute things too, but I think the cardigan’s going to be the only thing I’ll get to in May…

        • One is enough to play along, I think I’ll only be sewing one dress too, but it’s a start and flicking through my older copies has inspired me 🙂 I haven’t bought any new Burdas for so long but I think they are putting out good patterns again 🙂

            • Hi Diya, sorry about that, Kat must have missed your comment, we’ve been a bit overwhelmed with how popular our idea for this sew along has been. We’re just a couple of Kiwis in Wellington it’s so amazing to see so many international readers are sewing along 🙂 I’ll flick Kat an email and get you on the list. Do you have a pinterest account? I can invite you to our group board if you like. I am dong the group round up this weekend so I’ll be sure to include your fabulous blouse, thanks so much for sewing along with us xx

  11. What a great idea. I started my first Burda Magazine pattern a couple of weeks ago for my daughter. I just have the sleeves to go – hopefully this weekend. But I’m in for another project in May – I’m quite liking a few of the patterns in the mag I have.

  12. I am so tempted to join this! I don’t know if I will have any time in May to sew things for me though – I have a ton of skating costumes to finish. But I am sure I will enjoy seeing what everyone else comes up with, even if I can’t participate.

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