Burda Sew Along Round Up

Burda Sew AlongIt is super exciting how many of you have signed up and been sewing with us this month for our Burda Sew Along. We’re just a couple of girls down in the bottom corner of the globe making friends all over the world via sewing, I mean just look at this participant list, look at it!


BurdaStyle Sew Along May 2013 PARTICIPANTS:

Thank you to everyone who’s been following along in spirit too and to those of you that might still give Burda a go on your own. Thank you also for all the great comments on my tracing and instructions posts. It’s great to hear that we’ve helped some of you to feel more confident and tackle a Burda pattern in the near future, if not already.

Go you! You are all so AWESOME!

Right! So let’s take a look at what you’ve all been up to and then I guess I better show you what I’ve been doing too 😉

Let’s start with Kat’s ‘Anne’ blouse, her first ever Burda magazine pattern (high five!), #122 from October 2012. It has a really neat yoke detail and I think Kat’s fabric choice along with the shorter sleeves gives this blouse a really different look from the magazines version.

Demented Kiwi Diaries is next with her waterfall coat #128 from January 2013 in an amazing wool lace knit. It looks so lush and flattering, Jacqui comments on the excellent draft of this pattern in her post.

Sewist Stitch has been really busy and her daughters are super lucky to have such a talented Mum. A pretty lace dress (with plenty of requested style changes) from September 2012 and then she did it all again, changing the same pattern for a lace & peter pan collared blouse. Sandra’s finishing is amazing and I can hardly believe these are from the same pattern!

Some muslins are next: Thanks! I Made This Myself is working through a dress from March 2010 and Sewing For Me is moving onto her fashion fabric for Jacket 115 from November 2011. I am looking forward to seeing their final items, they both have some gorgeous fabric lined up.

Calico Stretch is working through changes to Leggings 116 from October 2012 in…wait for it…Stretch Calico! Oh yes, this stuff actually exists!

Bobbin Cat has finished her amazing cape, #112 from August 2011 and is asking for help to decide on the front closure, jump over to her blog and help her decide so she can wrap up super warm in this fabulousness. Winter has just arrived hard and fast here in New Zealand!

Mercury Handmade Fashion used her tried-and-true Blouse 107 pattern from January 2011 in a really pretty printed linen, check out all the detail photos on her blog, it has some great design elements, I love the large-scale print and colours of the fabric she chose.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Every Stitch I Make’s jacket from February 2013 finished, I LOOOOVE her fabric choice. If you think sewing a jacket is hard then check out her other posts, lots of great progress photos and I absolutely agree with her that jackets are really just heavy blouses. If you’ve been holding off we say give it a go! You might surprise yourself 🙂

Speaking of blouses, or shirts, Hetronormative Lovefest made an amazing blue shirt #113 from March 2012 inspired by an Anthropologie piece. It looks great worn open but she also did a FBA to achieve a fantastic fit when closed and now she has a great base pattern to make lots more.

You guys have been busy, we’re not done yet…Sewing Sveta is next is her lime green top from February 2013, love the colour, she has an excellent review on her blog if you are thinking about trying this pattern too.

Petal & Ginger made another version of Tunic #118 from August 2008 but added extra length to make it into a comfy looking dress…and now I want one too plus some hot pink tights, winter does not have to be gloomy fashion!

Grt*escp has two new creations in her wardrobe, a beautiful turquoise wool sweater #118 from October 2012, the solid colour really shows off the gathered side detail. Her second make is top #119 from the same issue. I think her fabric choices are so pretty.

Piccolo Presents is looking fabulous in her wrap top, from January 2013, but even more fabulous is her FBA, click through for a photo of her pattern alterations, it fits like a dream!

Kbenco is no stranger to Burda patterns but she’s really stepped up her game especially for May! Click each image to read her posts.

Velvet Ribbon has made an incredible colour blocked shift dress from the BurdaStyle Sewing Vintage Modern book, check out her first sketch, she got a perfect fit by making a muslin first and I think she chose a great fabric combo for the final dress.

The Hobby Harbour also made an item from the BurdaStyle book, her blouse has a beautiful lace bib detail and I love the buttons, they echo the flowers in the lace. She has entered it into the PatternReview.com Accessory Wardrobe Contest, click through to her blog for details.

Last two! Lelieswereld finally finished her BurdaStyle Danielle dress (it’s a free pattern, GO GET IT!), I love the colour and back details she added. Previously this dress sat unfinished for 2 years and I am glad we were partly responsible for her finishing it off 😉

Aaaand the last item is from our Pinterest Board, I don’t think Heather has a blog (correct me if I am wrong) but that hasn’t stopped her from sharing her sew along creation with us – a pencil skirt from February 2011, love the kick pleat and how badly do I want that fabric? Really badly!

Phew! Please take the time to click on the images for the link back to the participants original blog post and perhaps throw a bit of comment love their way.

Sorry if I missed any of your projects, leave me a link in the comments section so I can check them out 🙂 and if you missed it, Kat’s previous round up is here.

Only a few days left to go so, as a co-host what have I been doing? My skirt, #111 from July 2009, is just 8 buttons and button holes away from being complete and I have cut and sewn the shoulders for my cardigan #117 from April 2010, with plenty of help from Harri.

I walked into my sewing room the other evening and there she was up on the super high cutting table. I was thinking how the heck did she get up there?! So I picked her up and put her on the floor and watched what she did. My sewing chair was pulled out so she started by jumping up on to that then scaled the high back and leapt to the ironing board and on to the high table. I was impressed but then my eyes took in all the loose pins and other sharp items! So a quick tidy up happened next and now I am careful to always put the lid back on my pin pot, I don’t want Harri to end up like Fiss, take note fellow Sewing-with-Cats enthusiasts, it’s a good warning story.

Excuse the night-time photos and the fact that these two items aren’t made to go together as one outfit 😉

I can’t wait to see what you guys complete in the last few days of May and thanks again for sewing along with us!


31 thoughts on “Burda Sew Along Round Up

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  2. my second dress, still isn’t finished. But hey, it will me some day, next sew-a-long in 2 years 😉 lol, btw I think `i’m missing in the list 😦

  3. I will make my skirt! But it won’t be May. Or June. July, here I come! But I think you will like what I have been spending May and June on!

    I love seeing what everyone else is doing, some lovely things.

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  6. This is an awesome collection !! I am saving this page to visit the other bloggers soon 🙂 Thanks for hosting the lovely sew along.. It made my love for Burda patters grow 🙂

  7. I’m feeling guilty as well. I’m 3/4 of the way there with my coat but the instructions for the collar totally stumped me. Now to line the jacket. I’ll try to blog about where I’m up to tomorrow! Hope to finish it tomorrow too!!

  8. Ok, this made me feel guilty. I was going to blob out this evening and hope that I could get the jacket finished tomorrow evening there by Just about finishing it in May, but I saw how much everyone else has acheived and sat down and finished my jacket this evening. A quick press and a few photos and I’ll even have it blogged in May too!

  9. So many lovely, lovely things that have been sewn! It’s been really exciting to see, and rather inspiring too. 😉 (I kind of want to go and find a few of those Burda magazines now so I can try out some of the patterns that have been used by others in the sewalong….!)

    I’m working on two more Burda sew-along pieces, but won’t be able to post them until the weekend (need daylight for photos!), so I’m gonna cheat slightly and “unofficially” extend the deadline until the end of the first week of June, if that’s ok with everyone?

  10. what a great round up, so much fabulous sewing being done around the world! It has been real fun being part of this, so a big thank you for organising it!

  11. What an inspiration! Thanks to both Kat and yourself for a wonderful month of May. This has been my first sew-along and it has been fabulous. I think your detailed instructions on ‘how to’ are just AAAAAmazing. I’m loving the fabric of your skirt, looking forward to see that on you 🙂

  12. I wish I could have joined in too! There is so much sewing goodness there!
    I’m about to get stuck in to a vintage pattern from my mum’s stash in NZ – she’s posted it to me in the UK and I can’t wait. The one major sticking point is that it’s a few sizes too big for me … some major pattern drafting will have to happen. Eeep!

  13. I am so sad that I didn’t get to sew a stitch for this – got the material (which took longer than expected) please please please extend to June!.


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