My dear if you could give me a cup of tea to clear my muddle of a head I should better understand your affairs *

Recently I’ve I felt like my sewing was in a bit of a muddle. I love working on several projects at once but every now and again I need to clear my head (and my sewing table) and start fresh. So lately I’ve been working hard to finish off any languishing projects so I can start the cycle again πŸ˜‰

Lady Grey is one of them. Cut out two winters ago I picked it back up for the Indie pattern challenge in June but was distracted by secret sewing instead.

Well, she’s finally finished and I really like her πŸ™‚

I bought the wool while in Melbourne for work, from The Fabric Store. I was living in Perth at the time so I made a little map of all the fabric places I wanted to visit in my down time. Fitzroy didn’t seem all that so I walked all the way from our hotel on Flinders street.

It ended up being a little further than I anticipated but it was worth it when I spotted the SALE signs!

I bought this slub weave wool coating, some NZ merino and a few other goodies. IΒ thoughtΒ about catching a tram back but I just wasn’t sure how you were supposed to pay so I hefted my bags of fabric (4 meters of wool takes up a lot of space!) and power walked back to the city.

I was just outside our hotel when my cell phone rang. It was my work colleague who’d gone off to do her own thing calling to tell me she’d just walked past a fabric store around the corner from our hotel, apparently they also had a big SALE sign in the window!

I’ll be honest, I was tired, like SUPER tired, my feet hurt, my arms hurt, and I was hungry…but I just can’t say no to a fabric sale so I dropped my bags with the concierge and crawled around the corner to discover Cleggs. That’s where I got the amazing rose printed linen for my Rooibos…so all my Colette makes so far have been made out of fabric from my Melbourne Trip!

The lining is a cotton sateen from Spotlight – I love a bright happy pop of lining!

I’ve always found Colette a bit over-generous with their fabric allowances. I laid my pattern pieces out more efficiently and was left with just over one meter spare. I remember having quite a bit left over from my Rooibos too.

Harriet is not complaining however:

Harri loves this fabric so much, whenever I put the coat down…

…she would find it and settle down for a nap.

She even tried to sleep on it while I was trying to sew it!

I gave her the remnant – and now it might be hers FOREVER…

It now lives permanently at one end of my cutting table, it’s her favourite spot for a nap in the sun or to just sit and watch me. If I ever get it back from her (unlikely) I could make a skirt from it.

I did intend to have a go at some fancy pants bound button holes but then I realised you never see them under the tie belt. This wool also has strange distortion properties so I decided against machine button holes as well and in the end I found some great big snaps and used them instead.

TheΒ constructionΒ was super easy, the only difficulty I had happened while attaching the lining to the hem and sleeves – I’m not convinced the construction order is quite right. I had to unpick all my hand-stitching (and that’s a long hem thank you very much!) because my first attempt left the lining pulling the hem up and making big puckers.Β 

Don’t cry for me too much, the hand stitching was actually pretty easy since the chunky wool weave hides all hand stitching sins.

The other problem I had was all my own doing…or I could blame my Elna who occasionally comes over all evil like and runs out of bobbin without warning.

The belt is so looooong that I sort of fell asleep while sewing it, lulled by the relaxing hum of my machine (hah!) meanwhile my bobbin was empty and it took me a wee while to notice! Haha, ahh well πŸ˜‰

So that’s it, the longest Lady Grey make ever and now summer is just around the corner!

I think it’s time for a cup of tea…


Pattern –Β Colette 1010 Lady Grey, size 10

Fabric – 

  • Shell: SlubΒ weave wool coating – The Fabric Store, Melbourne (bought August 2010, $17.50/m)
  • Lining: Cotton Sateen – Spotlight, Kaiwharawhara, Wellington

Other notions – 2 x 25mm pair of black snaps

*Charles Dickens, Mrs. Lirriper’s Legacy

58 thoughts on “My dear if you could give me a cup of tea to clear my muddle of a head I should better understand your affairs *

  1. Oh, I was waiting and waiting for you to finish this one! It came out just beautifully, looks so great on you and Yowza!!! that lining is perfection! Great choice. And, obviously Harri has great taste. I would likely sleep on it as well, if I were a wee bit smaller. I also love the look of your blog. Very streamlined. I havn’t updated mine yet. Still stalking others to see what they’ve done.

    • Hehe, blog style stalking – I’ve done that too πŸ˜‰

      Sorry to keep you waiting on the Lady Grey, but I’m so glad it’s finished! I think Harri wishes it were still lying around however, then she’d have two beds to choose from!

  2. Wow, this fits you like a glove! ( or like a perfectly fitting coat!!) Seriously it looks amazing, and the fit, style and silhouette are all spot on. Stylish coziness!

  3. Fantastic coat, it is really flattering on you. The remnant suits Harri too! I also often have several things on the go at once as a result of tracing and cutting marathons when inspiration strikes. So often I get stuck when I can’t decide what to make next that I like having a few things cut and ready to go, but yes that is the way of the dreaded UFO’s!

  4. oooh I love this!! The silhouette on you is totally dreamy – love the lines. AND the bright coloured lining… my favourite thing πŸ™‚ I’ll have to keep the big snaps in mind too – I would never have thought to use those but they’re such a great idea! It’s gorgeous, and suits you fabulously! Yay for finished projects!

  5. I am constantly checking my bobbin thread before starting any top stitching but that ONE time I forget is when I run out and keep stitching for half a meter before realizing. I love the combination of fabrics you chose.

  6. Wow! That coat and that lining! They look AMAZING! Obviously Harri thinks so too. :). Seriously, I’m totally impressed – you are a sewist rock star!

  7. Yay, awesome coat! Coats are such a satisfying thing to make – this one looks terrific, it’s a lovely and balanced shape on you, and I love the pop of colourful lining too,

    I usually try to have 1 project on the go at a time, but seem to have 4 happening at the moment argh and it’s making it very hard to concentrate on any of them!

  8. Gorgeous! It flatters your figure beautifully, too.

    What is it with cats and fabric?!? Our little Saoirse likes to make herself at home on mine too, especially when I’m laying it out to cut. The more expensive it was, the better! I keep my stash in a plastic tub in the sewing room and she likes to sit on top of it like she’s guarding it; she definitely knows what I keep in there, too. It’s good to have “help,” isn’t it? =)

    • Oh my gosh they love the fabric don’t they?! I think sometimes maybe they are jealous that the fabric is getting all the attention and stroking πŸ˜‰ haha – I love that your Saoirse is a Fabric Guard Cat πŸ™‚

  9. It’s beautiful and you look great!
    btw I’d rather have my bernette silent when runs out of bobbin, instead of the alarm beeping and choking movements which scares the hell out of me πŸ™‚

  10. I love the lady grey coat, and yours is gorgeous =]

    My only comment was I never thought of using cotton sateen for lining! Isn’t it a bit bulky? Or is that ok with the wool… I’m not too confident on linings

    • My cotton sateen was slightly thinner than usual. I usually go for something more slinky and slippery but this coat is not super close fitting so I think you can get away with a thicker, less lsippery lining for warmth πŸ™‚

  11. The coat looks great! Your fabric shopping trip in Melbourne sounded like a hoot!
    I love NZ merino wool! My husband just bought an undershirt in 100% merino wool and it feels lovely and he says it keeps him incredibly warm when he’s working all day out in the rain and wind… I wish I could find it around here, I would never wear anything else!

    • Oh yes Merino is like magic fabric – I made my hubby some tops and he loves them because even though they are light weight they keep him warm while working outside without feeling is restricted.

  12. What a lovely coat. It looks fab on you – really, really fabulous. It’s perfect for you. I’m sure you’ll love wearing it, and I hope you enjoyed your cuppa.

  13. Gorgeous! Looks like it’ll be nice and cozy for the spring storms too. πŸ˜‰

    Loving that pop of colour with the lining. It’s like your coat is winter on the outside, spring on the inside. πŸ˜‰

  14. I have been thinking wether to get this patter for a while. But now you sold if to me. So I am on. My way to buy it now. Great idea with the snaps. I might copy it as well. πŸ˜‰
    Love you coat by the way! Looks good ! And you are on the same wave length. Solid colour outside and a funky lining.

  15. Looks lovely! I know what you mean by multiple projects, I have several unfinshed projects lying around and it’s starting to annoy me! Better get to work today πŸ™‚

  16. Knowing Wellington, you’ll probably have plenty of opportunities to wear it over the summer! Looks amazing.

    The excess yardage recommendations can be a bit frustrating, when it ends up costing you ~$20 more than it needs to – although your cat is probably quite pleased with Colette.

    • I think it’s just important to know the best way to work for you. Sometimes I make myself stick to one project and always enjoy seeing it completed but then my brain demands more, more! πŸ™‚

  17. I love the jacket – it looks sooo adaptable. Worth the wait.
    I know what you mean about multiple projects. I always rationalise that they enable me to work on which ever one I feel like, but after a while the fabric in them starts to run a guilt trip on me about being unfinished!

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